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Well we have just moved to this house and the garden is a blank canvas but it has dips in the level and want a cheap way to level it if anybody has any ideas please feel free to give your tips, thanks in advance.

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Welcome to Goy Sarah. This would be better posted on our Questions section where a different set of people will probably see it. If you can possibly add a photo or two to the question as well it will help people to give you more useful advice. Also it is a good idea to add your county to your profile page, so that if you ask questions later about growing things people can take your location into consideration when they reply. I'm sure we will all be wishing you all the best in your new home and lots of enjoyment in your new garden-to-be!

In the meantime why not enter Levelling in the search box at the top right to see other questions and answers ...

12 Aug, 2015


Thank you I'll sort that now.

12 Aug, 2015


Welcome to Goy Sarah, all the best in your new home and looking forward to seeing you create your garden, the A-Z pages are also a good place to get ideas...

12 Aug, 2015


When I worked in a Nursery Garden aged 20, I was taught how to dig. You work along the land moving each spade full into any dips, so at the end, the row is level.
When finally finished, the plot is level.

13 Aug, 2015


Welcome to GoY Sarah. I think Diane I right. It is always cheap but hard work with gardens.

13 Aug, 2015


photographs please...

13 Aug, 2015


Hi & welcome to GOY.
Is your new home a new build & what aspect does it face?
A blank canvas is exciting but also challenging, you will find plenty of helpful advice here.
I only joined a few months ago & I find looking at the pics of other gardens inspiring.
All the best in your new home.

14 Aug, 2015


If you want a flat lawn then level it off. Otherwise, if you are considering a flower and or vegetable garden those dips as you have mentioned won't even be noticed once plant growth starts. The growing season is over and you have many months to explore the wonderful GOY community to get ideas, decide what type of garden and even perhaps a pond you would like and make plans for the coming new year. For beginners, I would suggest that you look at the garden photos, profiles, blogs, and questions posted by each member who answered your blog and go from there. Excluding myself, those who have answered your blog to date are the creme de la creme of gardeners. Finally, you mentioned a "blank canvas". I have found that gardening is painting in three dimensions with plants.

15 Aug, 2015

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