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fungal mushrooms/Yellow flowers


By sandra7


We recently moved to a property a few months ago, have a lovely lawn at the front of the property now finding loads of what looks like fungal mushrooms coming up in the lawn. Apparently there used to be loads of trees and bushes at the front of the property but were taken down. There are also a lot of little yellow flowers that are coming through, the stems are quite woody and it seems taking over the lawn. A couple of months ago because there was moss in the lawn we put down moss killer which seems to of gone but left now with mushrooms and little yellow flowers. Can anyone help to get rid of them please


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Hi Sandra I cannot help but would be interested in knowing what causes them because we laid a new lawn in the back garden last year and although the lawn is lovely and green I have started to get little mushrooms popping up everywhere. Perhaps put your question on the question page of this website?

21 Jun, 2011


Yes, this would best have been posted as a question. Not sure what the little yellow flowers are -usual culprits in lawns are celandines, dandelions, sometimes coltsfoot. Treat with weed/feed/mosskiller granules, broadcast over the lawn, or use Verdone 2 and feed afterwards.

As for the mushroom problem, this seems to be much more common than it used to be - in your case, Nanad, they probably came in the turf that was laid, but I wonder about the coincidence of an increased use of bark chips and a huge increase in toadstools and mushrooms. There's no treatment to get rid of the toadstools - they're the fruiting bodies of an underground root system - the fruits will pass, but will probably return next year, though not necessarily in your case, Nanad, as its a new lawn they might just pass. Twist them off by hand if you don't like the look of them.
Sandra, as you know many woody based plants were removed at your property, it's possible you have fungus like this because there's plenty of rotting wood below ground. The only one to worry about is if you get honey coloured toadstools in September/early October, usually in a clump - honey fungus really isn't something you want in your garden.

21 Jun, 2011


Hi Bamboo thanks for the advice I will just twist the off like you say and see what happens next year.

21 Jun, 2011

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