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collecting baby Agaves' and some agave pics from here and there...


By sandra


I have been checking my agaves in the garden and around the nursery….i am no expert on them but i enjoy them soo much…. I have several types here and am looking forward to more. They are not as tender as some may think. Over the last two winters i have lost lots of succulents but the agave seem to the plant gets older it sends up babys around the base of the plant. you can leave them to grow and they will form a clump, but i like to take them off and give the mother plant room to breath and get bigger. Yesterday i took my youngest Lilly to Swansea for an interview at the Swansea Met. University, she was offered a place there in the autumn studying graphic design…whoop whoop…..we had to wait around for two hours to be given more talks and a tour of the halls of residence….what to do with two hours in swansea…shop….eat….no……go find cactus at Singleton i have included photos from there aswell hope u like….;-))

these ones are in my grow shed…no heating but the occasional fleecing….

this one is my agave parrii….having noticed a few babys poking up through the soil….i couldnt resist potting them up…

then it was off the Swansea yesterday…singleton park…

yes Lilly i know you been offered a place at uni..but please get in the photo so my friends on GOY can see just how big these are…lol

these were in a heated was nice to be in from the cold…

there were several different greenhouse ..all offering slightly different conditions…then we braved the sunny but cold day for a walk arount the park..

this little guy was disgusted we had no food for him….

this palm tree made me think of warmer climates..but seems happy here in wales…

three different coloured pittisporums

dont know what plant this is but they have trained it around this wonderful ballistrade..

got Lilly to pose again.(see kids do come in handy…)echiums surviving…

we did enjoy our walk around the park. and then it was back to the uni for more talks and then the journey home…

we are so proud of Lilly..she cant wait till the autumn when she can move in….


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lovely blog sandra, wish we could have all these plants in the garden like abroad, would be lovely, nice snoedrops to, oh and little squirrel, well done lily hope you get on well at uni,, lily looks like mum ;o))

11 Feb, 2010


Congrats. Lilly.... have a lovely time at Uni...
Sandra. these are a great set of photos.
Glad you enjoyed your day out. :o)

11 Feb, 2010


dont tell her that
thanks TT...

11 Feb, 2010


lol why isnt kids hate anyone saying that haha

11 Feb, 2010


Well done to Lily! What a suitable name for a Nursery Owner's daughter! lol.

Could that twining plant be a Wisteria, do you think?

11 Feb, 2010


i have no idea what it is Spritz but it was huge...over twenty feet on either side of the steps...i was cutting back a twisted willow today that was growing next to a its growing in and out of

as for Lilly shes my youngest daughter Rosie is my eldest. when i had them i had never had a garden or grown either a rose or a lily. they were named after my grandmother Rose who loved her garden and Julians grandmother Lillian. our boys Jack and David are are named after dads and grandads...strange how some things are meant ti be....;-))

11 Feb, 2010


Super Blog Sandra. I love Agaves- they are stunning, and so architectural.Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

11 Feb, 2010


That's what I thought too, Spritz. You've a good collection of Agaves there, Sandra - I don't think it's the cold that kills them, it's the damp. Yours look wonderfully healthy. I always think of pittosporrums as shrubs - just how tall were those trees?
Many congratulations to Lilly.

11 Feb, 2010


the pittosporrums were at least twenty foot tall....ive never seen them like that before either Wagger. arnt they just amazing...
thanks K...;-))

11 Feb, 2010


A smashing and successful day out,lovely photo`s and blog Sandra.
Well done Lily,I wish you every success in your future.....`

11 Feb, 2010


Congratulations Lily. Lovely Blog Sandra ~ I have an agave like the one in the
8th photo I had it given to me not sure how to look after it any tips would be appreciated. :0)

11 Feb, 2010


thanks Lincs and Sueb...Lilly hasent stopped grinning...

keep Agave dry in the winter .thats the main thing......they hate being damp in the winter..

12 Feb, 2010


Thanks Sandra !

12 Feb, 2010


Great Blog Sandra, I really like your agaves, they look really healthy despite the dreadful Winter. The photos of the plants at Singleton park look smashing and some of them are just huge! Well done to Lilly for getting her place at Uni, you must be thrilled. :o)

Sandra x

12 Feb, 2010


Lovely blog Sandra and great pics,Singleton park looks nice and they have a good collection of cacti/succulents.Glad to see your Agaves came through the winter ok.

13 Feb, 2010


thanks Labdancer....these are all in my grow heat..but they seem to be fine.....
Rbt....Singleton park greenhouses are wonderful. i was delighted to find some time to go and visit them....they are the bigest cacti i have ever seen...for real. i'm delighted the agaves are looking good....there are a few outside clinging on too....

13 Feb, 2010


Well done Lily. Congratulations :o)

I haven't been to the Singleton greenhouses for years. Thanks for the reminder Sandra. I'll have to go again soon.

I liked your agaves. i didn't think they were so hardy

14 Feb, 2010


thanks Hywel i'll pass it on...

it was lovely in the park Hywel. i could have stayed there longer.......maybee next time.. i'd love to know what that plant on the steps is...hope u had a good sunny day to day...;-)

14 Feb, 2010


Yes thanks, but it is very cold. It depresses me lol. When I go to Singleton. I'll try and see the plant on the steps. Maybe it will flower in the summer and then we can know what it is.

14 Feb, 2010


that would be great Hywel...i wonder when it will flower..i had a nice day outside today moving all my tyres again.....will post some pics later...there are signs of spring everywhere at singleton...;-)

14 Feb, 2010


That's good. I wish it would get a bit warmer, but it's nice to have the days a bit longer, and bulbs coming up :o)

14 Feb, 2010


the sun set in the sea here tonight .it sets over the hills in the winter so it must be springtime now. i have been watering my little aeoniums in the greenhousehe. the big ones are fine but the little ones enjoyed a drink in the sunshine. it felt good in there today.;-)

14 Feb, 2010


That proves spring ig here then :o)

14 Feb, 2010


Great blog, Sandra! Your Agaves look good and healthy! Love the picture of Snowdrops...
Congratulations to Lilly!!! Great time is waiting for her, and she looks so happy! :)

16 Feb, 2010


thanks Uma..shes sooo excited..her sister went to Averystwyth last year....shes been to visit her and just loves it...

it was lovely to see all the snowdrops in the park, and we have had a fair bit of sunshine lately....happy days..;-))

16 Feb, 2010

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