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building a chamber for my seeds...


By sandra


today i finished building our chamber for the tomato seeds. i had already built one in my new greenhouse but that is now full of aeoniums…

the door isnt fixed properly on the greenhouse yet so we are getting in and out through the window…

this chamber is not heated but this morning it was at ten degrees…

so the seeds are going in the tunel which now has space as i moved all the aeoniums out….

there was enough space once i tidied things up

i put this ‘tent’ up to protect my lampranthus a few weeks ago……

i open it up every morning….

first i used some scaffolding to make it strong

then out with the gas heater. we bought this ten years ago and it has never failed

it is underneath so as to give the seeds bottom heat

on with the covers to make it warm and snugg..

its all sealed up now warming ready for seeds on the weekend…
its a bit early for seeds but as we have a nursery we have to do them a bit early. its always touch and go depending on light levels. if u dont have a heated space its best to wait till march or even april to sow them. we have to keep the heat on till then and the gas is not cheap. but once u start heating u have to carry on till things warm up. its so nice to start the season again….happy growing…Sandra..;-))

two blogs in one day…..hope u dont mind….

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Interesting blog, Sandra.
Adding this to GoYpedia storage ideas :o)

27 Jan, 2010


thanks TT. i'm just so excited about sowing the seeds....

27 Jan, 2010


really interesting sandra, you really know your stuff :o)) im sure all your seeds will do well,, happy growing

27 Jan, 2010


If I were a seed I know where I'd like to be. very impressive Sandra.

27 Jan, 2010


Mmmmm....very interesting. Its handy to know how you nurserymen/woman get going at the growing season......

27 Jan, 2010


San i never stop learning...i love to try new stuff....

Heron being one of my seeds has become a better option over the last three years...last year i was amazed at how much years gone by it was a case of survival of the

Ambleallice...its hard getting out there this early, but the preparation over the next six weeks will determine how we do this year....

27 Jan, 2010

27 Jan, 2010


I don't mind as many blogs as you like Sandra :o)
Good luck with your seeds.

28 Jan, 2010


Great blog and good luck with the seeds Sandra.

28 Jan, 2010


thank you..;-))

i have been sorting out seed trays today they are filthy so ill have to wash them tomorrow.

28 Jan, 2010


I just wipe them out lol

28 Jan, 2010


they are going into plug trays with 84 spaces so i will have to fill up a big plastic container and use a kitchen scrubber. i like to sow them individualy..

28 Jan, 2010


lots of work but so nice to get to do what you love and enjoy doing....

29 Jan, 2010


your right Cat its sooo nice...

29 Jan, 2010


Really interesting blog Sandra,you keep them coming because you give out so many handy tips,we just copy on a smaller scale,.....

29 Jan, 2010


thanks Linclass i like blogging...i pick up many tips too..;-))

29 Jan, 2010

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