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december in pembrokeshire


By sandra


we have had a lovely day here in Pembrokeshire. took some time to take some photos…

marigolds in december…..

the structure of the garden becomes more apparent in the winter…

poor echivera hanging on in there…..

our house is built into a hill and we have to cross a small bridge to get in. i love to decorate it at christmas…

i found this poor baby outside. but its been put in the tunnel with the others now…

these ones have been tucked up in the tunnel for four weeks now. they seem happy.

the last few shirley tomatoes hanging on for dear life….

i think the others have had it……

one of my agaves’ that live outside all year…

the green house is progressing slowly……..just so much to do….but we will get there in the end…

this is the view from the top of the garden. the flooding down in the valley has receeded soo much.

gorse is all over Pembrokeshire it always makes me smile…

this rose bush uaualy has a coulple of flowers on it at christmas.

and this is Floyd wishing all my friends on GOY a happy christmas and new year…hope u enjoyd the tour….

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Amazing pictures Sandra,looks almost like summer,with the marigold,and tomato's.Clearly free of snow where you are.Wish we were,as fed up of it now,especially the -5 temps we are still getting.I wish you and yours..and floyd,a happy christmas and new year too..Sandra...(yet,another one.)

21 Dec, 2009


Sandra I loved the tour especially as we have been white over since last friday and more forcast for tomorrow. your greenhouse is coming on very well ,interesting to see it in use next year. Merry Christmas to you and your family and All the Best for 2010......

21 Dec, 2009


Interesting group of pics, Sandra :o)

21 Dec, 2009


Very good blog Sandra and so much colour you still have. I'm so envious that you still have a few toms left.

21 Dec, 2009


Merry Christmas Sandra :o))
It's nice to see your garden doing so well in the depths of winter. Your greenhouse is great !
No snow here either. :o)))

21 Dec, 2009


thanks for the Christmas messages...;-))

i hope the snow goes soon for those who have it.....but spare a thought for greenthumb in Alaska hes got it till spring.....

the tomatoes were looking better last week before the frosts...yes even here we have them, been down to minus 3 here but only at night. the sun has shone for the last six or seven days. i think the raised bed in the tunnel is acting like a storage heater in the day soaking it up from the sun. i went in there about 9 this morning and it was mildly warm. i havent been in there for a few days and its been all locked up the smell was wounderful....this week the tomato plants have definately suffered and i will be pulling them out as soon as i have a chance. we are amazed that the shirley plants still have fruit on them but i dont think they are going to ripen now..

21 Dec, 2009


thanks Hywel it will be when its finishd.......
i saw snow today in the distance up on the Presseli mountains but managed to avoid it as yet......the aeoniums and cacti seem to be coping so far in the tunnel............

21 Dec, 2009


My cacti are in the conservatory but I have succulents in shelter by the back door. I think they'll be all right. I hope the snow keeps away. I find it depressing.

21 Dec, 2009


A very merry christmas to you :o)))

21 Dec, 2009


its 'time for kissing when gorse is in flower', so my dad used to say and as it can flower all year round....
loved the blog sandra.
happy 2010 too.

21 Dec, 2009


Lovely pics. My daughter has been trying to get home for 2 days - no trains and more problems tomorrow with severe weather warnings tonight,. She will try again tomorrow but they have said they hope to run a saturday service part of the way then buses so fingers crossed.

21 Dec, 2009


I know it can be mild down there but didn't realise you could leave Agave Americana out all year, that's amazing. The only other place I know where they do that is on Tresco.
Do you make gorse wine? It's delicious.

21 Dec, 2009


Thanks for this Sandra.As commented earlier cannot even see our plants and shrubs as covered in snow ! Hope you have a wonderful Chrismas and an equally wonderful 2010 !

21 Dec, 2009


I'm amazed that you still have tomatoes!

Yes, I did enjoy the tour! Thanks - and I wish you a Happy Christmas, too. xx

21 Dec, 2009


i hope your daughter gets home safly Drc. wagger the agaves were planted out three years ago lost one last year but the others scraped son showed me one by his girlfriends house in Milford Haven yesterday it was awesome. a big grey one about ten foot wide.......

21 Dec, 2009


me too Spritz the smell was lovely when i popped into the tunnel earlier...;-))

21 Dec, 2009


I've enjoyed your pictures very much, Sandra...
Merry Christmas to you and your family! xx

22 Dec, 2009


Lovely pictures Sandra. I love the view down from the top of your garden. And a nice idea to decorate the bridge for Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Have fun!

24 Dec, 2009


Oh, and happy Christmas to Floyd. I nearly forgot him, which wouldn't do!!!

24 Dec, 2009


hope u all had a great day..;-))

26 Dec, 2009


lovely pics Sandra

I hope you dont get too much more snow tomorrow down your way.

We have been told to expect some more tomorrow in Cardiff, but I hope it wont settle.

Maybe I will be able to visit you this summer

11 Jan, 2010


morning Rachelsmum.....all our snow gone now....very windy here but i think we will get rain not snow today.....hope u dont get much more in Cardiff...

12 Jan, 2010


I think it's Devon and Cornwall's turn again today!

12 Jan, 2010


Snow pretty bad here again tonight and the road hasnt been gritted lately. But not as deep as "The Valleys" !! .

I am supposed to be speaking about "walking" on BBC Wales tomorrow round 8.20 - not sure if I'll get there! :0 my name is Jane, if you are listening

wish me luck................

12 Jan, 2010


the snow is so deep up the valleys tonight..its piled up against my dads door.....we just have rain here...hope u dont get tooo much Jane..and Paul...
radio wales? talking about walking? good luck with... it

12 Jan, 2010


yes I co-ordinate a scheme to encorage people to walk in groups. Theres a similar scheme in Pembrokeshire called Steps to Health.

I got to the bbc through the snow - a bit tricky but I made it!

18 Jan, 2010


sounds good...where in Pembrokeshire?

19 Jan, 2010

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