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New grow shed


By sandra


We have been building a new greenhouse/shed with a living roof. Like a good wine things around here tend to take a while to perfect but it has come along nicely this last few weeks. It has cedar wood post in the corners which we bought from our local woodland after the storms a couple of years ago. It will be clad in wood recycled originally from old caravan decking we acquired and glazed with patio doors salvaged 15 years ago!!!!!

We built the frame the year before last but it’s so hard to find the time to do everything. This was the story then.

since then I have been concentrating on getting the roof going. It’s been a steep learning curve. At first there wasn’t enough soil and everything just shrivelled and died, and it still needs a bit here and there. But on the whole it has now started to develop.

It’s now starting to develop quite nicely.

So heres the plan..
to the east we have 2/3 wood and 1/3 will be glass the top of the right hand side.

to the south it will be glazed top wood bottom.

The west facing side has windows!!! whoop whoop…the bottom will be wood.

outside looking inwards.

to the north we…(love the way I write we..when actually I mean are going to have all wood for better insulation and the door will be on that side too.

Long way to go but we need it this autumn but OH has a new job which allows him more time at home to get stuff done.

thanks for reading..:-)

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Make a good bird watching hide.
Someone was asking about a turf roof on the Garden
Questions button, and we all said it would be too heavy
when it got full of water in heavy rain. Seems we were

6 Jun, 2015


My OH did his calculations first and the roof has been up two years now. But I did worry when we were loading it up. There is also a three inch fall to the south to allow drainage.

6 Jun, 2015


We have a few reasons Snoop...we need more places to house the succulents for the nursery in the winter, we wanted to experiment with a living roof, and we need somewhere to put a little log fire and a sofa..:-)

6 Jun, 2015


It looks so grand Sandra, I can imagin the end result. If any roof has a slope the rain should run off. Flat roof s are well known to leak more.

6 Jun, 2015


that is a major project coming to life. Good luck with it all it will be brilliant when you have it all completed, hard work paying off, well done you guys!!

7 Jun, 2015


the roof has a three inch slope Thrupennybit and steel corrugated roofing sheets running down it.

No problems Snoop.

Can't wait to move the plants into it. I have already been planning which ones will go where.

7 Jun, 2015


What a super shed, Sandra. Added to GoYpedia.

19 Sep, 2015


Thanks is finally finished...going to start moving the plant inside this week..:-)

20 Sep, 2015


Nice for you to have the shed all finished, Sandra ... will be fun moving the plants. :o)

20 Sep, 2015

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