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Corseside summer update. :-)


By sandra


Well as you can imagine we have been busy with the nursery especially the watering for the last few weeks. There has been a bit of a change here as we no longer let out our yurts after a battle with the National park…don’t get me started on that one…on the plus side we have an extra bit of land to play with..not sure yet what to do with it….watch this space…lol

As for our garden things are doing just fine..

May brought so many gooseberries i could share some with friends…

in June it was all about the watering…

amazing cordyline flowers

and the start of the giant onions…these were seeds from one of the biggest onions in the country last year..our hopes were high…

the first giant marrow also put in an appearance after a few false starts

the end of June as usual was all about Glastonbury festival. With more family and friends going this year than ever before..

excitement rose as the dressing up began…

and then we were off…

I was just magical…

Then it was back to reality and the first pic of the tomatoes…

the giants progressed well through July taking in huge amounts of our precious spring water which thankfully just about coped during the hot spell..

this was the marrow on the 1st July

and this is it today one month later!!!

always amazes me how fast they grow once they start..this is one months growth!!!

with the local Pembroke show on Wednesday Julian picked his 4, he is pleased with the size but critical as they don’t match. I just can’t wait to eat them…but for now they are standing in the conservatory hopefully turning the right shade of ‘straw’…

these were all over 4 lb when picked. the biggest onion and marrow won’t be picked untill wednesday morning. he’s hoping the marrow is around the 80lb mark…fingers crossed..

and this baby better be over 5 lb !!!!

around the garden if I miss out the pics of the brambles stingys and bindweed everything is growing along nicely. Its amazing how you can miss out the weeds with a carefully aimed camera..

well that was our may june july..hope you enjoyed our pics.
thanks for reading

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Your onions leave me breathless! Wow is an understatement. Best of luck in the show. Your whole garden looks pretty exotic even though it must really catch the wind in winter.

4 Aug, 2014


thanks Stera they taste good too...we are looking forward to the show. its only a small one but such fun...

love my elephants Snoop. they were my mams idea, every time i trim them i think shes watching me. make me feel close to her.x

4 Aug, 2014


Lol, hadn't noticed they are elephants - aren't you observant Snoop?

4 Aug, 2014


Great to hear from you Sandra, and nice to see everything doing well :)
Glad you enjoyed Glastonbury ... !

4 Aug, 2014


Great to watch things grow, nice idea to take photos along the way

5 Aug, 2014


thanks Hywel i see your cacti have been magnificent again this year.

Pam i do like to chart their growth as it helps to gauge the growth the following year.

Snoop this year they are finally beginning to be proper elephants.

8 Aug, 2014


I don't remember ever seeing the elephants hedging before, I think its fabulous, made me think of a film called the Elephant Walk, great film, I hope yours don't go through your house Sandra, lol..
Your crops are huge, love your measuring stick, hope Julian did well with them and also that they taste as good as they look....
Lovely pics Sandra, its nice to see you all looking happy and enjoying yourselves...

8 Aug, 2014


thanks Lincs..the elephants have evolved in the last year. each time i cut them the become a little more defined. they had better not go walkies....
the onions taste crunchy and juicy..:-)

9 Aug, 2014


I love them Sandra, spotted them straight away then as I read down I noticed Snoop had as well, I've been trying to wrack my brain trying to remember where I've seen an elephant hedge before, I know its either a castle or one of the stately homes that we've visited, its annoying me so I'll have to check out my photo's albums and hope I can find it...

9 Aug, 2014


I would love to hear where they are could use some ideas for when i trim them next.

9 Aug, 2014


Great blog Sandra, and wow, that's amazing how you shrunk that lighter on the Marrow!;)

10 Aug, 2014


Sandra I just Googled topiary elephant hedge and there were several pics and some info!

10 Aug, 2014


lol was a deflatable one....

so many great pics on google thanks...seems my elephants could do with some ears...

10 Aug, 2014


Just realised I didn't say where I saw the elephant hedge Sandra, it was at Rockingham Castle and is amazing....

9 Oct, 2014


OMG Lincs I just looked that up...I would love to see it for real...

9 Oct, 2014


Its not far from us Sandra, it really is fantastic..

9 Oct, 2014


I love looking at the big hedges and trees in old gardens. it's amazing the shapes they make.

9 Oct, 2014


Hi Sandra, hope your OK and just picked this blog to see how your doing, glad you've enjoyed a good summer at the nursery and nice to see your still doing Glastonbury, fab.
Just popping on to see if everyone on GOY is well and your gardens still flourishing xx

24 Oct, 2014


morning Sandra we are all fine thanks..Hows you and yours? Has Joe finished uni?

25 Oct, 2014

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