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boot sale bargain now planted up...


By sandra


At the boot sale yesterday I could not believe my eyes when I came across a 2 foot long croc….

eager to plant it up I was up early with lots of ideas in my head…how to use this awesome shoe took some thinking about….its actually a dog bed it says on the bottom…lol

with plenty of holes in the sides I only added one other one the the centre of the bottom, then I lined it with some weed suppressant fabric to hold the compost in place and filled it up with some sandy compost.

I broke a lovely pot the other day so I have a plentiful supply of crocs to add to the croc..(sorry couldn’t resist…)

The big plant is an aeonium cuneatum which in time will spread out all over the foot part i think…

I used the little pots and crocs to try and stabilize the surface soil.

pushing longer bits of croc into the soil should help stop a land slide till the plants get established..

so it went from this….

to this….

I used a lot of cuttings to do this and now we will have to wait for them to settle in..cant wait for it all to start growing…

now I am off to plant up a few normal crocs that i have worn out…
Happy Easter Monday..:-)

got carried away with the shoe thing later on…

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Wow that looks so good, clever you! I loved it when I saw the picture this morning but it looks amazing now. Well done! :O)

21 Apr, 2014


Hi Sandra ..
that's wonderful ... I like the planting too..
Added to GoYpedia :o)

21 Apr, 2014


Thank you...
I have had a ball today..just added even more pics of this afternoons creations...hope you enjoy then too..:-)

21 Apr, 2014


Love your big shoe and all the offspring Sandra, clever you.

21 Apr, 2014


Oooh the Croc looks Brilliant Sandra even more Brilliant with all the other footwear, I have quite a collection of Sucs now on worktops and windowsills!! bought some coloured gravel today as well, i chose green and i dont know why hahaha eek.

21 Apr, 2014


they are like a little family Stroller the previous owner of the baby pink wellie is 20 now..i knew it would come in

love the coloured can get all sorts where they sell fish tank stuff. have u taken photos with your plants with their new gravel Ydd?.

21 Apr, 2014


Havent planted them yet Sandra, not warm enough up here and the Greenhouse is too full to put them in there! I need the night to warm up before i can empty it but planning the pots is fun :)

21 Apr, 2014


Wow you have been busy, love them all. Just reminded me of the living wall planter that I saw last year, shoes and boots pinned to the wooden support and hung from the wall, it was really something very different and looked very effective. Must do one for my shed side. It would cheer it up. Brilliant job you have done there. Love it. :O)

21 Apr, 2014


i have been saving my old crocs for year Oliveoil always planning to nail them up somewhere...

won't be long Dee. :-)

21 Apr, 2014


Sandra you have excelled yourself this time, that croc is absolutely brilliant, I love it and all the others, now I have to raid the old shoe cupboard cos that idea is calling out to be copied, ..... I have also started a collection of succulents and its mainly your fault, you have a lot to answer for you know lol.......

21 Apr, 2014


i make no apologies... lol

i tried to get a sparkly shoe of the glam daughter but shes holding out on me..

22 Apr, 2014



22 Apr, 2014


Amazing - I would never have thought of doing that.

22 Apr, 2014


thank you....
Stera I have been planning to plant up a croc for ages so when I saw this giant one I knew just what to do with it..

23 Apr, 2014


Sandra, great project .... You obviously enjoyed doing it, a bargain at £2. Great blog ..... And ...... I even liked the 'Croc-in-Croc' bit . You could change the name of your nursery from "Corseside" to the "Croc-in-Croc" ..... It would be a great talking and selling point. But ...... You'd have to be careful after a few drinks though..... lol. <]:-))

17 May, 2014

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