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Preparing the polytunel..:-)


By sandra


I took delivery of some more beautiful compost today, 3 ton of the stuff!!!!

one ton of it is destined to top up a bed in the tunel.

but as with most jobs before i can move any of it i have to make a space…it’s like playing musical chairs in there at the moment….trying to make space so we can prepare the beds for the tomatoes…but at the moment it houses my succulents. this is the bed that needs topping up the most..

I have already dug one side of the middle bed which did look like this..

but now looks like this….

I spend my life making a space and filling it up again. with some of the succulents cleared i could make a start on the digging.

There is a perennial problem on the edge of the bed where grass and even worse bindweed is invading in from the outside. This year I am determined to get as much of it out as i can.

The satisfaction of pulling a long bit out is priceless.

I’d say that’s about half done…and now its lunch time.

hoping to get some help this afternoon as OH has a couple of days off ..

tomatoes are growing so fast..wont be long before they are ready for planting.

thanks for reading…:-)

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Sandra where do you get the energy, that really looks like hard work, well done, rather you than

21 Mar, 2014


I enjoy this digging's so much easier than the garden. can't wait the set the tomatoes in there..

21 Mar, 2014


I used to years ago, too old for too much digging now.....

22 Mar, 2014


Busy girl Sandra. I potted my toms on at the weekend :-) happy days.

23 Mar, 2014


exciting times Dawn...which ones are you growing...i find it so hard to choose. i am always pleased with shirley...again she is the strongest of all of ours. i'm off out there now to do so more of the digging.

24 Mar, 2014


That's wonderful Sandra. How I wish I could still dig for two hours . . . my family used to have to come out and stop me when they were hungry!

24 Mar, 2014


that is what happens here
i was born with 2 Vertebra the wrong way around in my spine which has made me tackle things differently than most. i change jobs about every hour, as whatever i am doing standing, sitting, walking, digging makes my lower back ache. they say a change is as good as a rest...:-)

25 Mar, 2014


Sounds like a good plan, Sandra - well done for doing the sensible thing! So many of us have 'something' which slows us down (mine is Chronic Fatigue) but we gradually learn what we can manage . . . digging and bending take my breath away, but I know I'm lucky to be able to work in the greenhouse. Also, I grow bonsai which can be tended sitting down - I'm really sorry that sitting also makes your back ache :((

25 Mar, 2014


my Oh suffers with CF after having epstein bar a few years back..following a bout of adult chicken i know how it limits you. so well done u too.

25 Mar, 2014


Sorry about your OH, Sandra, somehow I always think it's worse for a man to have limited strength and stamina.

25 Mar, 2014


Hi Sandra, Im growing Sweet Millions a cherry and Big Boy, a Beef tomato and one similar to Moneymaker but cant remember the name.

25 Mar, 2014


you might be right there Sheila...but he is managing it better now and is back in work.

nice selection there Dawn. sweet millionsis an amazing producer..:-)

26 Mar, 2014


Oh Sandra, that's good then.

26 Mar, 2014

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