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on the look out for the evil weevil...


By sandra


Had a lovely day back in work at the nursery today. When the sun was out the temperature went right up. It was so nice to feel the sun again…

Here at corseside we have had a very mild start to the new year and the long range forecast says it should stay that way. last year the cold weather went on and on and everything was delayed. So in order to make the most of the mild weather I decided the succulents needed to be sorted sooner rather than later, never forgetting it is still January so i have lots of fleece at the ready just in case…

The plants are loving the mild weather but I am concerned the evil weevil are too so while i was potting things on i paid particular attention to seeking out the little blighters.

Each year i tip out all my succulents and have a good root through to see if I can find any wildlife.

First i look at the roots…if they have been in the pots for a while then the pot should be full of roots like this one..

as its still very early I scraped off the top inch of soil just to make sure there is nothing lurking in there. Then add a little fresh compost and replace it in its pot.

Sometimes the plant like this echeveria looks perfectly healthy on first sight.

its only when I gave the plant a little tug and it came away in my hand that I realised there was something not quite right…

on inspection of the compost i found this little beastie…

I was pleased that I only found a couple of them. All is not lost if you do find them. I cleaned off the plant making sure there were no more lurking and used it as a cutting. I also took some leaf cuttings of a few of the healthy ones.

won’t be long before they grow some roots of their own and grow up like this one…

once i started taking cuttings there was no stopping me…

I do enjoy potting my cuttings up into bigger pots.

I had quite a productive day and am pleased with the progress…

only a few more to sort out…lol

keep your eyes peeled for the evil one

happy gardening..


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Hi Sandra ..
good luck with your cuttings ...
glad you didn't find too many evil intruders !

17 Jan, 2014


so happy to have my hands back in the compost Terra. It seems like ages since I put it all away. Its amazing how a little sunshine sends me dizzy with plants..:-)

17 Jan, 2014


Your plants look happy and healthy ...
a reflection of how much you enjoy being with them :o)

17 Jan, 2014


since july I have found six in the kalenchoe and 1 2yr old cyclamen in the kitchen. grrr

Don't know why i'm finding them indoors.
Had a repot of lilies at the weekend and found a few in there too, but at least they are outside.

cuttings look brilliant ;o)

17 Jan, 2014


The succulents are my favourites Terra..:-)

I find them inside ...out side....they don't seem to care Sbg. I was a bit nervous that the lack of frost would have them jumping out of pots at me....but looking around this week i have found very few...but vigilance is the name of the game. You did well to spot yours hope the plants didn't suffer to much.

17 Jan, 2014


most of the greenhouse pots have dormant lilies in them. lost my really old [30yrs old]cyclamen that had been my mums. the small one seems to be putting on more growth so hopefully it will recover. The kalenchoe is now a 'cutting'. :o)

17 Jan, 2014


poor must have been saddened to lose one of your mams plants, is the surviving one a baby from it? The Kalanchoe will soon grow again. x

17 Jan, 2014


Hateful things ! :o( They like to go for my fuchsias ...
I love taking leaf cuttings Sandra, and I always knock a few off by accident anyway lol so I put them on a saucer of gritty compost, and away they go !
I can see you've done it with Adromischus ... I'll have to try mine ...

18 Jan, 2014


Nothing like that feeling of satisfaction we get from doing a job we like even if it does mean getting down and dirty, keep at it Sandra, the ones in your last pic are shouting for their turn, they'll help you get even dizzier lol.....

18 Jan, 2014


your sooo right....but I have to wait to pot on the big ones Lincs or I will run out of space...

18 Jan, 2014

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