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introducing Rollie the new pup...


By sandra


my daughter Lilly has just got herself a new pup Rollie..he’s a new zealand huntaway crossed with a lab…
as she lives at home with us he’s really another family dog.

this is Rollie..i just love his ears…
we live in a farm house and we are 3 generations…Rollies bedroom is downstairs along with Harry.

Harry found us 14 ish years ago. we live in the middle of know where and i found him on the doorstep one morning. He’s mainly my dads dog. sadly Harry is not his best these days as he’s buggered up one of his back legs and is too old for the op…Rollie has come to help ease the pain when it comes….but hopefully it won’t be for a while.

i live upstairs with three terriers…they are working dogs and can be quite unsociable with other dogs. we have had our work cut out introducing Rollie to the pack.

Ruby and Rollie

Reggie and Rollie

Blodwyn and Rollie

Rollie has had all his jabs and tomorrow we are taking them all out to the woods for a bonding session for the first time.

hes met the mother in laws dog Beau..he comes to stay when she goes on holidays..Beau doesn’t do puppies and Rollie has been respecting that.

i’m waiting impatiently for one of my 4 children to make me a granny…but for now i have their dogs and cats to keep me occupied…other daughter Rosies cat is will have her kittens any day now…and eldest son Dave has a new GF who has a Chihuahua called Paris so no babies there for a while either…so for now all my granny crocheting will be doggy coats…lol

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You have some beautiful pets. Loved your photos.

7 Nov, 2013


Rollie looks a lovely calm lad, I,m sure he will soon find his place in the pack!
Gorgeous dogs xxx

8 Nov, 2013


So lovely to see all your animal clan, they keep you happy until the babies arrive, I know that feeling all too well. I am hoping for babies soon too the human kind. In the meantime knitting for the older ones and for a friends little baby who is growing so fast and my needles do not go as fast as he is growing. lol. Love the crochet hat and jacket you have made, wish I could crochet. Have been looking and trying to teach myself but not convinced I am doing it right. Would never be able to follow a pattern. Maybe one day. lol :O)

8 Nov, 2013


i can't follow a pattern either Oliveoil...i just make it up as i go along...and crochet is so easy to undo and an knitting don't get on...too many stitches..

as for the dogs they say woof woof thank you for the comments...they have gone to the woods now...i am taking advantage of a quiet house..:-)

8 Nov, 2013


all getting along fine. :-)

very nice blog!!!!

8 Nov, 2013


The more the merrier Sandra :o)

8 Nov, 2013


What lovely pup - he's got the real lab head hasn't he? You are so lucky even to be able to wait for grandchildren - we haven't any, and no prospects of any either. And I agree, crochet is a lot easier than knitting! One of my first efforts was one of those 70's crochet mini dresses (those were the days!) & it worked - a knitted one would have been a total disaster.

8 Nov, 2013


i am lucky Stera...sometimes its good to remember this fact too..x Can u follow a crochet pattern? its all double dutch to me. any pictures of the dress?

they did get along well Jane...but they were soo muddy when they got home....

Hywel i am putting my foot down now i think we are full up, and we still have the kittens to

8 Nov, 2013


Sandra, you have a real family atmosphere around you :) x

8 Nov, 2013


He's a rolypoly Rollie isn't he and is probably a right bundle of mischief, I'm betting he gets lots of cuddles from all of you although I can imagine the terriers soon put him in his place, its going to be hectic when you have kittens racing around as well Sandra, all good fun.
Lovely to see all your furry friends, I'm loving the outfit, hope you are making them all one, can't be having them getting jealous, lol....

8 Nov, 2013


thanks Dawn..dont know what i'd do without them...x

u have it just right Lincs...they certainly put him in his place...but he's such a laid back pup and is fitting in well....i've been banned from making him an outfit

9 Nov, 2013


How lovely to have all your family living together, love all your dogs... would loved to have lived on a farm as my great grandparents were farmers... its in my blood lol.....

9 Nov, 2013


we are townies who escaped to the country 21 years ago..we don't farm as such. our 1 1/2 acres is use up with our nursery

and glamping site

which keeps me busy

9 Nov, 2013


I had to follow the pattern for the dress Sandra. There aren't nearly as many difficult stitches as in knitting, its mostly just counting. It had a row of openwork flowers round the waist of which I desperately proud and it was very short. No photo though, sorry.

9 Nov, 2013


Sounds an idyllic life sandra, will take a look at your web pages...

10 Nov, 2013


Lovely pup. It all sounds idyllic to me, a farmhouse, plant nursery & all the animals. Hope the grandchildren arrive to swell the numbers in the near future.

11 Nov, 2013


sounds lovely Stera especially the flowered waistband..

it does have its idyllic believe me all these hormones can get a bit much on occasion...which is why my favorite place is my tunnel...

i can wait Feverfew....:-)

11 Nov, 2013

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