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My Mam...


By sandra


Hey GOY friends as some of you have noticed i have been absent from GOY for a few months, and i feel the need to share why with you….my mam Val sadly and suddenly died in May this year…after being taken ill whilst on a holiday in Norway. I’m sure many of you have been through what we as a family are going through. I just wanted to share with you some thoughts of mam..

This is mam Val…we lived together here at Corseside for the last 21 years. She was a tower of strength and love, helping me with my 4 babies who are now all grown up. Mam was a campaigner for green issues, human rights and local issues. Even at the age of 75 this didn’t cease as she fought the case for better pay and contract for care workers…

Mams zest for life was incredible…never too old to try something new she took up painting at the age of 70. We were amazed at her hidden talent..

this will alway be my favorite…

her poetry was always funny….this was her last one..

I’ve been to see Dr Groves (heart surgeon) he just said keep on with the diet.
I use a stick so I don’t stumble
An Aid cos other people mumble
Dentures to chew
Tablets to poo
Glasses to see
Tablets to wee
My TENs machine to ease my pain
I watch my diet so weight I don;t gain
This all sounds so very sad
But to be alive I’m very glad
My grandchildren are all healthy & happy
From young adults to those in nappys

val jones..

no poet laureate but always funny…

when we planned our daughter Rosies woodland wedding last year she went along with all the crazy ideas…but put her foot down over the doorless compost toilets and so we had to arrange doored porterloos….lol

having planned a wedding our own way it was only natural we did the same for mams funeral…with rosie singing, friends remembering and family writing poems..we were led by a humanist who talked to us all and led such a beautiful personal service many were amazed to find out later Mike had never met mam.

these are 2 of the poems Mike read out for us..written by my brother and great niece..

Theres nothing i can do about it", she wouldnt hear you say
It’s not right, we’re gonna fight – dont let them get away.

“But one man cant make a difference”, she knows that is your fear
“So i just post protest on facebook, and have another beer.”
But that wont bring about changes or make the bigwigs think,
With there noses in the trough, oblivious to the stink

“But politics is boring, its just for tired old farts.
With there meetings and there minutes its not a place to make your mark.
Im much too young to bother, iv got better things to do.
Like killing things on xbox, il leave it all to you.”

But now shes gone and left us – the battle still in sway
Shes not around to bring them down and help to save the day
Now heres a thing she would tell you, dont guess that they are right
Get the bit between your teeth and fight with all your might
If you wanna make some changes, and your life is full of moans
Grab a pen, protest your woes

And do it for Valerie Lucarda Grace Mary Jones

john wright.son.

I remember a game I used to play,
Pretending it was my wedding day,
And although it was fake,
She’d still make us cakes,
She’d wear a hat,
And smile and clap.

She was the toughest woman I’ve ever met,
And there’s many memories I’ll never forget,
Although it’s sad we won’t have any more,
I never met a person who didn’t adore
My Nana Val.
A warrior in our tribe;
Simply too wonderful to describe.

In peace I know that she will rest,
To have known her is to be blessed,
So remember the good; don’t fall apart,
She’ll live on forever, in our hearts.

leah powell. great granddaughter

I feel very lucky to have had such a warrior so full of love for us for a mam…xx

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A very sad and difficult time for you Sandra. Thanks for telling us about your Mam. She was a lovely and talented lady.
Please accept my deepest sympathy

27 Oct, 2013


Sympathies to your family on your mam's passing. It is a nice blog in her memory.

27 Oct, 2013


Bless you Sandra, its so hard to lose your mam and my heart goes out to you, she has been mentioned so many times over the years in your blogs and will be missed.
The poetry is a lovely tribute to your mam and you have chosen two lovely photo's to show us..
Take care Sandra my thoughts are with you and your family. Sue xx.

27 Oct, 2013


What a very special lady she was and she will have left a huge gap in your lives.
I am so pleased that you have so many wonderful memories of her and all the lovely things she said, wrote and did.
Welcome back and it will be so nice to see more of you again

27 Oct, 2013


ah bless the wonderful lady. sadly missed by all but what memories you all have to cherish.
big hugs.

27 Oct, 2013


I was wondering where you disappeared Sandra. Please accept my sympathy as well. But as others are saying - you'll have fantastic memories. And the painting is fantastic - have seen Pentre Ifan and have some pictures of it. Take care and be strong.

27 Oct, 2013


Your mam was obviously a very special lady Sandra. The painting and the poetry - wonderful. You all have super memories to cherish and remember her by.
My thoughts are with you all xx

27 Oct, 2013


thank you. I'm sure many of you guys have had to deal with this in your lives.... i feel so blessed to have had her for my mam. i also feel that to get to 50 before feeling this level of grief makes me lucky. xx

27 Oct, 2013


Its hard when they are just not around any more Sandra, my mother died in 1987 and I still think of her but over time the grief turns to sadness mixed with good memories which are sustaining. How she would have loved to see my children and been part of their lives. Take care and give yourself all the time you need to grieve Denise x.

27 Oct, 2013


Hi Sandra, so sorry to hear about your Mam. What a wonderful Mother, you are so privileged to have had her as your special Mum Sandra, it sounds like she was a star, consistent throughout, bless her. X

27 Oct, 2013


What a lovely lady - it must have been an inspiration to have lived with her.

27 Oct, 2013


Inspirational was a very much used word at mams funeral..6 months on we are all still very much inspired by her and always will be...thanks again for the lovely comments..xx

28 Oct, 2013


I send my sympathy to you Sandra ... what a pleasure it has been to read of the great love and care she had for the community ... a very special lady indeed. :o)

28 Oct, 2013


What a lady you were so blessed in having a Mam like Val, wonderful memories to hold on to forever, do not be sad, I am sure she would want you to carry on as usual, a unique lady

29 Oct, 2013


How lucky you were to have had a mum like yours, tuned in to each other,and to be able to see her every day..However sad you are,which will always be there ,so will all the memories and good times you had together,as time goes on..A very remarkable lady who has left a wonderful legacy for you to remember her by with love..take care,most of us understand exactly how you are feeling..xxxx

30 Oct, 2013


Hi Sandra ..
I given this blog a 'like' because it is such a wonderful tribute to your mother .... xxx

14 Nov, 2013


Thank you...i like it too Terra.xx

14 Nov, 2013

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