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Huge agave...and an even bigger family tree....


By sandra


in recent times i have been tracing my family tree.

i am now through facebook in contact with a distant cousin in new zealand. its great as we seem to have garden connection.we are amazed at the similar plants we grow. as i live by the coast in pembrokeshire and we have such mild (although with the wind they dont feel mild….) winters i have many new zealnd natives growing happily in my garden. hebes phormium cordylines all happily living outside….but i have found one BIG difference….

my agave….

this is one of my agaves tucked up for the winter in my shed. i so enjoy this plant and am delighted it has grown so much since i got it. then Vicky my new cousin posted this pic….

its just a amazing…so big so healthy so in flower….

i think i’ll show the pic to my plants just so they have an idea of what is expected of them….
mind you i will be the first to complain if mine ever flowered….do you see the size of that flower…i would have to take the roof off my shed to accommodate it….

this is the picture that connects me and Vicky…our ancestors. this pic was taken in Malta over 100 years ago. it has hung in our house my whole life and it seems in Vickys house in new zealand too. its strange to think of our ancestors pictures ..who else has it hanging in their house? only time will tell.

during my search for family tree info i have also come across this pic…its of my dads dad and as its complicated….this is the first pic me or my dad have ever seen of my grandad…John Collins

i think he looks soo much like my dad…

thanks for reading….

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Hi Sandra .. lovely blog
Amazing agave ..
fabulous family photos ..
nice to see the pic of your grandfather ...
You and Vicky seem to have so much in common...
and, yes ..
... who else has that family picture on their wall ?

5 Apr, 2013


thanks far we have traced 3 family great grandmother is Giovanna...Vickys grandad is Joseph and we have traced Victorias family to ireland. all three of us have grown up with the picture but with many more siblings to follow who knows who we will trace next...

5 Apr, 2013


Let's hope you find lots more ..
who is Spiro lower left in the photo ?

5 Apr, 2013


he was a brother who was away at sea at the time of the photo.

5 Apr, 2013


Oh.. nice that they included him in the pic :o)

5 Apr, 2013


Fascinating hobby, and lovely to find someone like that and get to know her....wish my family had written the names on the photo's

Genes are funny things, I,ve two cousins who are physically more alike than their sisters.

5 Apr, 2013


Fascinating Sandra, I would love to do a family tree but with such big families (of grandparents and great grandparents) its mind boggling, but i enjoyed reading about your family, fancy 3 of those photos on someones walls, might even be more! Let us know if you find out more plz..

Re Vicky's Argave, is that the one that dies after flowering?

5 Apr, 2013


That is really nice Sandra....the picture of your grandfather. The other plant photos are amazing. We found the same size difference in Mauritius. We think we are doing well and then we find our shrub is a huge tree. :0)

5 Apr, 2013


Hi Sandra - Facebook has very good points. Very nice to do a family tree

5 Apr, 2013


Interesting blog, your grandfather looks a lovely man, such a nice face. The agave, wow, fantastic plant.

5 Apr, 2013


glad u all enjoyed....tracing family trees turns up a lot of dodgy stuff that even in my generation people are not willing to talk about. the above named John Collins is one such character...its nothing nasty but it includes 3 wives...1 died 1 DIVORCE...(back then that would have been shocking...) and 13 children....i have found out about workhouse births, an uncle who died at flanders and an aunt who was the first ever woman bus inspector. its amazing when you start you find other relatives who have already done a bit. thats all i have done so far rely...just put other peoples research together. i am trying to concentrate on my 4 grandparents trees...3 have been easy and i will start on the 4th one soon. i have managed 5 generations back on the first 3 and one person i found on the one line is helping me gather information on the fourth line as he lives near the area...its easy to start...just write down what you know....and then find out what others no...and then you will be hooked...:-)

5 Apr, 2013


what a wonderful blog. The agave flower is truly amazing.
I can you in the family resemblance too.

5 Apr, 2013


Doing family research is an interesting "hobby", which I have also done, when I have time. My wife's history in SA goes back to 1652 when the first Europeans started a halfway stop at Cape (of Goodhope), and he farmed to provide meat to the ships coming past from/to Europe (just a loyal servant then). History can sometimes give great insights into who we are today and why we make certain choices or have certain loves.

Nice Post and I bet you have learned lots, very interesting subject indeed!

5 Apr, 2013


Lovely Sandra, but you forgot about the numerous descendants of Victoria and Fortunato in Australia.

5 Apr, 2013


oops...sorry we have traced victorias family to Australia too. where we found a lovely cousin called Lucy....:-)

6 Apr, 2013


My family tree would probably be a who's who of ne'er-do-wells & cutthroats, Sandra! Lol.
Glad your's is rewarding your research! that where they get tequila from? ;-)

8 Apr, 2013


tequila does come from agave Mouldy....mine isnt big enough....but maybe my cousin Vicky will make

9 Apr, 2013


You've done your research on tequila, I see. ;-)

10 Apr, 2013


i only drank it in the name of research Mouldy..he he he

10 Apr, 2013


Research, rearranged...Ar, cheers! Lol.

12 Apr, 2013

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