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recycled pots at corseside


By sandra


today it was persistently raining and with 60 mph winds i decided it was time to sort out my pics..
i feel a few blogs coming on…he he he

as a few of you know i love to recycle as much as i can both for environmental reasons and because i ENJOY it…

so i thought I’d recap a few ideas that work for me..

this juniper has been growing in this bit of old drainage pipe for a few years now, i just love the way it is fanning out.

this is one of the many fish boxes i pick up on the beach. lost overboard by the passing fishing boats..they come on all sorts of colours which i like as i think it adds a bit of fun to the garden.

i find the bigger the pot the less often i have to find time to water it. i also major in drought tollerent plants as even in our summers its surprising how often some things need watering.

talking of bigger pots they dont come much bigger than this bath…i love the blue with the red flowers on the sedum.

spot henry behind this one…and you have the added advantage of his wheels…

then there is this glorious bath. a friend of mine gave it to me for the garden when it arrived i sa in it and its the most comfortable bath i ever sat in…
but i do like it planted up…

this is fascicularia another of my fave plants

and then there is the collection of old galvanized baths around the place…this one is outside mams kitchen so she can pick the thyme when she wants..

with mint in this coal skuttle mam dosent have to walk far the get her herbs for cooking.

and oh dear am i in trouble if OH Julian sees this..he was looking every where for a bit of copper pipe the other day…looks like i recycled this a bit too soon…

the path is made from an old building taken down in the village

these old tubs were from a building site..they are handy to help our campers to recycle…

these are just few of the things that we have managed to give new life to here at Corseside. theres lots more pics to come now i have finally managed to sort them out..

i just love seeing all the GOY ideas on how to reuse and recyle hope you enjoyed a few of mine…

oh and not forgetting the kitchen sink B-B-Q

thanks for looking..Sandra :-)

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that is so nice Sandra - I too like rustic - old pots - I like terracotta that go green - I plant bulbs in plastic containers and bury them in soil - with holes in of course - even did bean cans once - pretty sweet. Lovely plants to go with what you've done

21 Mar, 2013


wow sandra everything is growing really well in your garden ~ guess what its snowing here!!!

i really love that tub of thyme! is it very sunny in your garden ~ the plants look very happy!

21 Mar, 2013


thanks Paul i have never tried the bean can pots yet....

NOOO Sticky not again....a lot of these pics were taken last summer, i would have been blown away if i had tried to take pics today....

21 Mar, 2013


oh no! will we ever get nice weather? has the gulf stream left for good? leaving us with weather like the cold north?

21 Mar, 2013


brilliant !!

21 Mar, 2013


Thats a nice neat little sedum - do you know what variety it is?

21 Mar, 2013


I always enjoy a wander around with you Sandra, its always good to see what treasures you have picked up and how you've made use of them, I'm raiding hubby's shed, I know he'll have some piping kicking about and you've given me a brilliant idea with that copper piping, he has vices and pipe benders as well so I'm going to have a play..

21 Mar, 2013


Some very nifty ideas there Sandra.......

21 Mar, 2013


Love your ideas Sandra...

22 Mar, 2013


I have enjoyed fresh picked Parsley all winter, growing happily in a bag of Clover compost, in a baby bath on my balcony. With only the drainage plug removed it doesnt need too much watering in the summer.

I have one of those old galvanised baths, think I will
put plants in it that dont mind being dry, its hot in my back garden in the summer. Must remember to always
think of what the plants like and not what I like.

Its worth having a look in skips to see if theres anything that would hold a plant that people have thrown away.

22 Mar, 2013


so glad u all enjoyed my blog...:-)

stera its the bog standard sedum. it looks a little more compact because i had given it the chelsea chop. i can be observed during chelsea week chopping back late flowering perennials like this sedum, it comes back realy quickly but flowers on shorter stem with smaller flowers so it dosent fall over...

you had better be careful Lincs i have got in trouble before for using things that OH has been looking for...not sure i will tell him i have located his supply of copper

Diane i just love skip dipping..its surprising what you might find...

22 Mar, 2013


Great recycling ideas there Sandra :o)

22 Mar, 2013


you know me Hywel..if it can hold compost in and let water out its a

22 Mar, 2013


lol :D
It's torrential rain and gales here ...

22 Mar, 2013


thank you....thats what my dad calls me blame orinoco myself...:-)

22 Mar, 2013


What great ideas you come up with Sandra, I think out of all of them Henry is my favourite, and surely your OH will fall in love with your copper pipe sculpture.

22 Mar, 2013


i Have a collection of henries now Stoller as i like them for OH hes too busy to notice my little sculpture hopefully...he he he

22 Mar, 2013


Thanks for the tip[ Sandra. And I forgot to say, loved your copper pipe scupture.

22 Mar, 2013


Gives a whole new meaning to recycling, Sandra. Top marks!
This only goes to bear out what I was saying to PaultheG a day or 2 ago about gardeners being geniuses at recycling. :-)

23 Mar, 2013


my pleasure Stera..:-)

thank you Mouldy. I just enjoy a bit of wombling..:-)

23 Mar, 2013


Yeah, I'll just bet you do. LOL!

23 Mar, 2013


brilliant sandra, great ideas, you still wear the crown for recyling queen of GOY haha :o)), hope you get a good year for your campers :o))

27 Mar, 2013


owww shucks Sandra...i get lots of inspiration and encouragement one here..:-)

27 Mar, 2013

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