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new year new list of things to do at corseside


By sandra


Happy new year to one and all. Hope you had a lovely festive season. This week i have like most people been cleaning up from visitors putting away the decorations.

I have a supply of peat-free compost standing by but there are a few jobs to sort first.

I walk around the garden and nursery taking stock of a few jobs that will need doing over the next few months

I started at the top of our garden where in the summer we do glamping in our yurt and tipi…
I’m pleased these aeoniums are doing ok….they are tucked up against a north wall but if the frost does get here they wont like it…

i’m amazed this is the only bit of damage in the garden really. Just one piece of plastic sheeting to be replaced and we have a spare…

the weeds are comming up fast through the sand.

this water bulging down is why the tarpaulins on the kitchen areas are still attatched.

This Arum lily has just appeared from no where…

the stonehead is greening up nicely

picked a daffodil on new years day from this pot outside

amazed by just how many buds on this camiellia

the plants up the nursery have done well as most things have been braced against the west wind. but there is so much to do…..

there are a few crates blown into the hedges but we are delighted with the little disruption the 70 mile an hour winds caused

this is where the work starts now with sooo many cuttings to pot up but i’m up for it. cant wait to get started realy…

into the tunnel now

ok so this last tomato plant has had it now but even these last ones tasted soo nice..

whats under my umberella?

its amazing how this helps keep the cold off..

door is open as often as possible and there are blankets waiting to help if it turns cold…

then it’s into my grow shed

the cactus are enjoying the lack of frost

our eldest daughter rosie is getting married this summer. these are a few things we have gathered together for the flowers

as its too windy to put the washing on the line but the grow shed stairs do the job well

recycling sorted….

this is the biggest maintenance job all the paths are covered i weeds

wine brewing for the wedding

i bought this orchid for my mam for christmas and as we live together i get to enjoy it…

spotted these guys just in time to put them away till next year..

so there u have it….so much to do here at corseside before the season starts…but its a job i enjoy ..happy new year to u all..x x x

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A very happy new year to you aswell Sandra, loved reading the blog and looking at your photos.

7 Jan, 2012


Happy new year, you must have 100s of cuttings that will keep you busy, and all the wine you have made as well looks great, well done. cant wait for the pring now things will start to look a bit better then when the buds appear. I like the gargoyle thingey by the wooden steps. Loads of lovely stuff in your grow shed, i dont have one of them, little cottage but has a conservatory so make the most of that.

7 Jan, 2012


Wow, you have your work cut out for a month or two there!
But potting on is a nice job, rather like making jam in that when its done you stand back and count the pots and feel virtuous!

7 Jan, 2012


Happy new year Sandra. Good luck with all the work. I am like your cacti - enjoying the lack of frost :o) You've got a nice collection.

7 Jan, 2012


thanks guys..i had a great day out there today. started sorting out the plants on the nursery feeding and weeding box was soo nice to be outside again..:-)

7 Jan, 2012


lots to be done sandra but knowing how much you enjoy it im not going to worry if it will get done, all excitment with the wedding and looks like the wine is going to be great to, happy newyear and all the best for the wedding plans :o))) x

7 Jan, 2012


thanks Sandra its going to be an exciting summer..:-)

7 Jan, 2012


sure is and looking forward to a blog after :o))

7 Jan, 2012


I can identify with your photo's as there are identicle interior & exterior parallels Sandra. At the moment you cannot get into the barn for 'stuff' & our bedroom is a store room due to all the other bedrooms being cleared for xmas guests, yep, lots to do for 2012 alright ! ;-))

8 Jan, 2012


Lovely blog Sandra: when I retire and leave London I hope to have nursery like yours. Love your cacti collection,and still picking tomato's in January!

8 Jan, 2012


the displaced 'stuff' in my house after the holidays was mad year is our biggest invasion of family with some resorting to putting a tent up in my shed as there was ' no room at the inn' lol....
my house has now returned to normal with all the 'stuff' put away in the attic and visitors finally returned home. I'll miss them all in a few weeks but for now i'm enjoying the peace..:-)

8 Jan, 2012


Oh my dear if only I had the energy, it makes me worn out looking at all the work you have to do, and a wedding to boot, good luck to you all, and a very Happy and healthy New Year Sanra to you and all your family.......I need a rest now to get over your work load lol

11 Jan, 2012


I dont do it all by myself Dd2.....Julian is home part time and the boys are amazing when i nag enough. They are all great on the strimmer and mower. And when im really up against it i call back some of our new years

Happy new year to you too Dd2..:-)

11 Jan, 2012

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