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early December at Corseside


By sandra


December at Corseside is a time for tidying up and doing some of the maintenance on the house. Our elsest David is ‘in between jobs’ thank god because hes been an angel helping his dad Julian mending our roof. today finaly saw the job finished…

Ruby keeping an eye on things…

Reggie loves his new jumper and takes the role seriously….

as you may notice there is no snow here…..we have had a few flurriies but nothing to get excited about it…

we have on the other hand had some nasty (by our standards) frosts….

the polytunel is doing a great job looking after my lampranthus and a few other succulents. but as its unusualy cold i thought i would add the the defences….cant be tooo carefull…

yes that is a sixman tent in my polytunnel…

this one reminds me of the old men on the beach…lol

but it does help to stop the frost settling on the plants.

some havent made it under cover…but most of the succulents are fine…

most of the tunnel is empty waiting for all the seeds in the new year, so we have been using the space as a santas workshop….

the boys have been making birdhouses for grandparents and my offerings are the willow plant supports…

outside the foliage was looking lovely in the winter sunshine…

im a bit of a magpie and my shed is full of allsorts of junk other people have thrown out of their sheds….mostly it just sits there gathering dust but today i managed to use a hoard of patio unbrellas i have amassed over the years…

the theory is the frost will roll off the umrellas and they will enjoy being shielded from the cold draughts…

by three oclock the temperature had dropped and the sun was going down… it was time to zip up the tent…

hope u enjoyed my blog…
stay warm…:-)

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i love those little bird houses and your plant wigwams, are you going to weave those cones in somehow?

2 Dec, 2010


Fascinating to see Corseside at this time of year...

2 Dec, 2010


yes i am Sticki...i have been using phormium leaves to tie them on with...

thanks Terra...

2 Dec, 2010


very clever

2 Dec, 2010


love seeing what your up to sandra, and busy by the looks of things, parrasols a great idea and sorry you lost some plants, but the rest look very cosy now, ruby and reggie look cute,especially reggies new jumper lol, dont think anyone will get past him now :o))

2 Dec, 2010


thanks San..Reggies soo funny when hes wearing it..hes the biggest scardycat of a dog going...unless theres a rodant involved....

2 Dec, 2010


I could do with him, then - we've had rats on the bird table.

Love the idea of using the parasols! Fingers crossed for your plants. :-)

2 Dec, 2010


Lovely blog what a good way to use the parasols, I like your security guard's.

2 Dec, 2010


Great blog. What a good idea you had with the umbrellas. I hope it works for you.

3 Dec, 2010


thanks girls...fingers crossed for the plants....

all three terriers would love to help you out Spritz....they are great hunters..

3 Dec, 2010


LOve Reggies jumper, we've no snow here either very cold but sunny days although it did have a go at snowing this morning but think it gave up as a bad job as nothing came of it.

3 Dec, 2010


I'm glad to see most things are surviving with you Sandra. We have very little snow, and it's been milder today aswell. I hope it improves :o)

3 Dec, 2010


Thats a brilliant use for those parasols Sandra, I`m willing your idea to work for you,pleased your roof is sorted for you, that must be a relief,thanks for the tour, wish I was nearer I`d be on your doorstep for a little birdbox.........

3 Dec, 2010


Reggie oves it too Clarice...hes the only one who seems to suffer from the cold..

Hywel its been milder here today...had a little flury of snow this morning but didnt come to anything.. amazed at how lovely the bird boxes have turned out....they going to make some more tomorrow...i hope im getting one...:-)

3 Dec, 2010


We have pouring rain now and it's milder. I preffer it :o)

3 Dec, 2010


I'm glad you have escaped the snow so far Sandra; although in someways a covering is snow less damaging than a harsh frost. The worry is this is only the start of the winter, what has the next couple of months have in store for us. Love the brolly's! great idea.

4 Dec, 2010


your right Rbt..its been sooo cold here....but theres no ice on the chickens water this morning. hpefully have a gap in the freezing temps now....

4 Dec, 2010


I'm very envious of your polytunnels, I would like them in my garden, but she who must be obeyed says no

8 Dec, 2010


i have one tunel a grow shed and a geenhouse....we do love the tunel and it copes with the winds realy well....tell the boss its great for drying the washing in the winter...

9 Dec, 2010


Hi Sandra, I found this blog fascinating, it's so nice to get an insight into someone elses life. Love the dogs too of course. Hope the weather stayed decent and you had a lovely Christmas:-)

27 Dec, 2010


thanks Bornagain....we had a lovely time.hope you did too....looking forward to new years eve now..and then before we know it the spring will be here again..:-)

28 Dec, 2010

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