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Savannah, the blind cat.


Too hot to do much outside. The dog and I are chilling in the basement, as it is still over 90F at 7:30 PM.

A story about Savannah. I had found a black kitten that had distemper. she died in about 4 days. I rescued another black kitten (see a pattern here?), named Shadow. She was a great cat, but loved outside too much and wandered too far from home. A neighbor fed the squirrels, which drew in red-tailed hawks and Shadow disappeared one day and never came home.

So off I went to rescue another black kitten. There was one, and they let my pick her up. She cuddled right away and I said I will take her. As she had just come there, they could not give her up that day. Next day they call all in a rush for me to come get her because she was going to be put down. Off I go to get her. She had been bitten and had a nasty swelling on her neck, but was getting around – that they didn’t want to share. We noticed that she tended to bump into things, like she could not see.

Off to the vet, who said she had an infection, and it might have affected her sight. AND because no one knew what had bitten her, the law was such that she had to be put down. But because we didn’t have any children and all the others were vaccinated for rabies the vet would let us take her home, and keep her under observation.

We did, she made it thru the 53 day waiting period for rabies to appear. I had sprayed her with a new flea spray, soap-based. She licked it and was sneezing and YEP foaming at the mouth. After I didn’t have a heart attack, I called the vet who called that HOLLYWOOD rabies. I mentioned the spray and said the foam smelled like that spray. We agreed it was soap in her mouth.

I will share more Savannah stories as time permits. She certainly had her 9 lives and then a few extra. For a blind cat she didn’t miss a thing. And she was treated like the queen, slept on her own pillow and had her own fleece blanket.

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Poor cat. I'm glad she's got a good home now.

22 Jul, 2011


You're a star anyways in my eyes Rusty gal...x
Gladf to see you back on...been hectic al round...will PM you x

1 Aug, 2011

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