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Does the garden know it's January !


I had another walk round my garden and couldn’t believe what is still in flower ! I can only assume apart from the milder winter we have been having ( up to now ) that it’s because the garden is so sheltered from cold winds. I just hope when they all finally have that usual winter sleep, that I will still see them in the summer!

This Osteospermum is full of new buds again !

Climbing Fuschia " Lady Boothby " still going strong !

Clematis Niobe. Not a very good photo, sorry ! Its not quite as deep a colour as it should be, but it has never stopped growing and flowering and there are still new buds on it now!

This is the only flower left on the Hydrangea Annabelle !

Abelia Grandiflora

Autumn flowering Chrysanths which have decided to start again !

I normally have these cut back and stored under my staging in the green house by now, but decided, as I do not have a green house in my new garden, to leave them out and take a chance !

This Verbascum has just decided to flower again too !

My lovely white penstamon is shrugging off the winter , even after a sharp frost one night !

Fuschias still flowering !

A perrenial cornflower and if you look carefully, to the right, the ceanothis is in bud ! Now that is strange !

One of my grasses is still holding on to its colour !

Lovely little Geums !

One of my favourite roses, Royal William. By now, I should be pruning them back, but how could I touch these lovely blooms !

The Mary Rose also has many new buds !

Have you ever seen Gazinias flower this long ! I wonder if I can keep them going for the summer !

Oh wow ! Look at all the new buds on our Rhodies ! I’m so excited !
Here are a few shrubs which are flowering at the right time !

Skimmia Japonica " Rubella"


The sun shining on the Winter Box ( Saraccoca ) It also has the most beautiful perfume when it is in flower .

Everyones favourite, Viburnham Tinus.
Thank you all for sharing this with me and I thought I would just finish this blog off with a Christmas picture taken from inside, looking at the sunset. Can you see all the reflections from the tree in the window !

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Hi Rose ..
Your garden is looking fab..
... so much in flower...
I love the fuchsia :o) x

15 Jan, 2014


Wow, Rose - that's quite spectacular!

15 Jan, 2014


The garden must love you, Rose.

15 Jan, 2014


You must live in such a lovely sheltered spot Rose. To have fuschias and roses in flower in January is wonderful but the fact that they look so good is truly amazing - the leaves on the rose look so fresh and healthy!!

The sky in the final picture is gorgeous.

15 Jan, 2014


It's been very mild. I wish every winter was like this. Your plants are doing well. It's nice to see flowers on so many of them in the winter.

15 Jan, 2014


Its a joy to see your lovely flowers in January. I too wonder if the plants can keep up this high output right through their normal flowering periods.

15 Jan, 2014


It is quite strange isn't it seeing colour in the gardens like this in January. Strange weather. Happy gardeners though, little bits of sunshine, rain and NO SNOW. Yay!!! Looks brilliant still Rose. Great to see. :O))))

16 Jan, 2014


Thank you Terra and Mel. I can't believe these fuschias, and originally, I wasn't keen on them and now, thanks to Hywel, I love them ! Mel, I'm sure your garden is spectacular too !
Thanks Mouldy , I certainly love the garden ! It must know it and is rewarding me ! Hahaa!
Now it Mouldy or Laithe, because I could have sworn I saw you on another blog under Laithe ! You haven't got a twin, have you ! Hahaa!
Thank you Chris for those kind words ! Did you notice the different shapes in the window in the sunset picture, because Rick and I can't figure out what some of them are! Also , at the bottom of the avenue, on the other side of the road is a garage, but this garage is behind the tall hedge, not in front of it ! Isn't that weird ! Its actually in another street !
Thanks Hywel. Wouldn't it be great if all winters were like this one and all summers like the last one ! lol
Thanks Scotgran. If we get another good summer, maybe the flowers in the garden will just keep on going ! Well, you never know !
Thank you Barbara. Definitely don't want any snow, sleet, frost or cold winds ! Do you think I'm asking too much ! Hahaa!

16 Jan, 2014


No, I haven't got a twin, Rose, but my triplet has two. ;-)
Call me Mouldy or Laithe, whichever you prefer.

16 Jan, 2014


Just lovely Rose..unbelievable really,as I've never remembered it like this before..It would be great if they all survive..good luck :o) x

16 Jan, 2014


Hahaa Mouldy ! I'll have to think about this !
Thanks Sandra. I think that we could have a late winter and then , of course, they would all go ! x

17 Jan, 2014


Sadly, I tend to agree with you, Rose.
I hope not, though :-(

18 Jan, 2014


You have a wonderful assortment of colour in your January garden Rose ... I too have Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby' in bloom ... very weird! No rain today, that makes a change, so I got down and dirty in the garden, Buddleia have leaves coming, Forsythia is in bud, Hellebores and Cyclamen, Crocus, Snowdrops and Daffs all poking through ... :o)

18 Jan, 2014


Hello again Mouldy ! I'm a bit lost ! What are you agreeing with me about ! Oh dear...I must be having early senile moments ! Hahaa!
Thank you Shirley . It is weird , isn't it ! According to the Garden News weather forecaster, and don't want to depress you, but he actually said not to holiday in Britain before October ! ! ! WHAT ! How does he know that ! Apparently its to be a wet summer ! I'm just pleased we are off away again in June, so that I get get my bit of sun !

18 Jan, 2014


About the late winter, Rose.
I have grey moments, too. Lol.

18 Jan, 2014


You're not old enough to have these moments Mouldy ! Lol.

19 Jan, 2014


Fifty-five...older, but no wiser. Lol.
Oh, you'd be surprised how many grey moments I have every day, Rose.

19 Jan, 2014


There's hope for me yet then Mouldy ! lol

19 Jan, 2014


I usually end up traipsing up and down the stairs several times a day, beause I forgot and left something in the flat.
The neighbours must think I'm deranged with all the laughing to/at myself! :-D

19 Jan, 2014


I just came accros this blog by Rose. It must have been a very mild winter up to this.

23 Jan, 2017

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