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By ricky1


Need help with getting pictures on here

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The way i put them up is load them onto my computer, go to my home page and click on upload photo, where it says 'browse' click on that and look for the photo you want to upload double click on it and it will go into the box next to the 'browse' button, click upload box and hey presto it appears then you can edit it before finally uploading (with name of plant etc) does that help?

10 Jun, 2011


Hi ricky, welcome to Goy there are two ways to add a Photo! go to (Hi ricky ) at the top right had side of you screen and click on to (your options). A list will drop down with multiple choices, click on (add photos) to ad a single or multiple photos. If you want to write a blog you can add photos to that. click on (write blog). If its actually getting the pic's on from your camera I will have to hand you over to my OH he can explain a lot better than me.

10 Jun, 2011


Also Ricky depending on the size of photo is how long it takes to load down on the site. Do not navigate away from the downloading page until it has actually finished loading if you do it does not download the picture. There is an option to download multiple pictures or single pictures as well as blog pictures.

10 Jun, 2011


While your photo is loading, there's a green line along the bottom. Watch that and you'll see how close you are to it appearing. It does take a while.

11 Jun, 2011

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