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What to grow under a mature cypress


By redspan


We have a huge mature cypress on the edge of our garden. It shades three beds and although we’ve managed to grow some ornamental ivy and some self sown hawthorn, holly and elder in there, the other two are sterile and any attempt to grow shrubs underneath the tree have failed. All this despite watering and feeding. I suspect the ground is too acid due to the copious amounts of needle drop from the tree.

The last thing I tried in there was red robin. They didn’t die off but they didn’t do well either and grew into spindly and unhealthy looking specimens. I think the only thing for it is to dig out the soil and replace with new. Then plant some holly, then feed and water regularly to combat the acidity from the tree.

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I don't suppose there's much you could grow there. You have the best idea to plant holly since you already know it will survive there.

15 Oct, 2012


Pop in a few cyclamen too - they will love the conditions under your cypress

15 Oct, 2012


Thank you both for your suggestions :)

23 Oct, 2012

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