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ID please

P9100007 P9110009 P9110013



Ok, ill have a stab in the dark at this one.

1/ Sorbus aria

2/ not easy but i'll try Alnus

3/ Could be helianthus or a rudbeckia.

11 Sep, 2012


I thought 1 is a sorbus too
Fairly sure 2 isn't Alnus (Alder) as it has little cone-y things. I wondered about a crab apple caught before the fruits grow much.
3 - don't think it's either of Andy's guesses, but I can't come up with a better ID. Sorry.

11 Sep, 2012


thank you, the 2nd one is probably crab apple, there were quite a few trees down the same road that were but as they were near enough ready and this one wasn't i got all confused!

i cam up with coltsfoot for the third one, but it defiantly isn't! thank you anyway!

11 Sep, 2012


I think the last one might be common fleabane

11 Sep, 2012


thank you, just had a look and i think that it is it :)

11 Sep, 2012


Pulicaria dysenterica to the Botanists amongst us.

11 Sep, 2012

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