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I believe this is a Cydonia (quince) that I received a couple of years ago in a container. It produced flowers last year but nothing this year and as you can see from the photo(s), the leaves have turned brown. Should I prune it and if yes how far? Advice greatly appreciated.

Dsc01911 Dsc01912



Yes, Chaenomeles Japonica - Japanese flowering quince - shrubs belonging to the quince family. Just tip-prune to keep it tidy but once again it will do better if planted in the ground as it wants to be a large shrub.

10 Sep, 2012


If it really is Cydonia oblongata, that wants to be a tree about 20 feet high, so it won't do well in a pot. If its Chaenomeles japonica (should have some thorns if it is) that does better in a pot because it can be pruned and kept smaller, usually after flowering, but if you want fruits from either, they'd do much better for that purpose in the ground.

10 Sep, 2012


Thank you Bamboo and Jimmy for your valuable advice. If I can find a place in the garden, then I will move it.

10 Sep, 2012

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