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By Roy34

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my dwarf fruit trees have grown enormous, from the top(not suckers).This their third summer still no fruit
,is this due to the weather too much rain.
thanks to bertiefox and to tugbrethli for your promt replys
i do not know what stock they are but the trunks have not grown only the tops the apple is 8ft pear 10ft and plum is 12ft.

On plant Not known at this stage label in shed i have parkinsons



What do you mean by enormous? Five feet? Twenty? If they are on a dwarf rooting stock it depends which stock it is for their eventual size. Depending on what variety of fruit you are growing, follow the usual pruning advice for that fruit and keep them restricted to the size you want in any case.

9 Sep, 2012


What kind of fruits, Roy, and what kind of rootstock?
Note that some "dwarfing" rootstocks don't dwarf the trees as well as advertised. Also, there is the possibility that whoever you bought them from sent you the wrong thing.

10 Sep, 2012

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