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By Kersh71

Hello, our salix integra pendula was planted this year in a large half barrel tub. It was really healthy and growing well until about a month ago. The leaves started dying and the smaller branches came off at the slightest touch. In response I started to give much more water however the tree is now bare and I have noticed some branches are turning black at the ends. I have fed every couple of weeks with phostrogen.Any ideas what might be wrong please?



Although some people will prove me wrong, most salix (willow) prefer to have their roots in a moist situation and will do better when planted in the garden. They can be a bit hit or miss when grown in a container. As all the leaves have dropped off, and you have nothing to lose, I would scratch the branches to find which part is (green) still alive, cut back the dead above a bud and re-plant in the garden now.

9 Sep, 2012


There is no point in feeding it when it has no leaves now.
I agree planting is out is your best option but I fear you shouldn't hold your breath. I wonder if in fact you gave it too much fertilizer?

9 Sep, 2012


Which of the many Phostrogen products did you use, Kersh? The black tips give added point to the possibility Steragram mentions.

10 Sep, 2012

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