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Seeking 'Cool Water' rose bushes


By Trizia

United Kingdom Gb

My daughter was recently married and in her bouquet had 'Cool Water' roses, a beautiful lilac colour.I had the idea I would buy immediate family a rose tree/bush of this colour/type for Christmas this year. However, apart from buying cut flowers, I can only find reference to these on a South African website. Can anybody assist as to where I may find these in the UK????



Sorry but I dont think you can as I found this when I enter 'Cool Water rose plant' :

The Cool Water!® rose is a beautiful consistent lavender colour and has a large classic rose head that opens into a star shaped bloom. This rose is almost completely thornless, and with a strong head and a thick stem it is the ideal rose for any occasion. It is used frequently for wedding work. › Plant Propagation › Roses (there is an email and phone contact number on this site).

Rose plants are delivered as rooted cuttings in a fertil pot after 8 to 12 weeks.

This price includes a royalty charge. Please note that Van Lier Nurseries reserves the right to adjust the price if there is a large fluctuation in the exchange rate.

A minimum of two hundred plants per variety is required.

Most of our rose varieties are protected under the New Zealand Plant Variety Rights Act (PVR) and sold subject to contract and the payment of royalties. Self-propagation is not permitted, the development of new varieties is very costly and a long-term business and breeders are entitled to their just rewards.

8 Sep, 2012

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