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can you please help me decide on what climber to grow round my front door?

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I have got rid of two clematis plants which were very dead and not doing well around my front door. Could someone help me by suggesting a very hardy plant (with pretty flowers) that requires little sun or water as the spot where my front door is gets little of both. I am keen to get a plants which looks lovely but requires little and also a plants that can live in a deep pot, as there is concrete and no access to soil.

On plant purpleflower



jasmine is lovely and is perfumed or
winter flowering jasmine has pretty lemon yellow flowers til may
honeysuckle smells divine and grows more or less anywhere assuming you want climbers.
but box trees either side in pots with with annuals round the edge for the flower interest will look great all year
good luck whatever you choose
regards neellan

15 Jun, 2009


~honeysuckle survives well in a pot with very little attention~there are a few different types giving slightly different coloured flowers.

15 Jun, 2009


some of the rambling roses would suit too. depends on how big the pots are but Hydrangea petiolaris might work too.

16 Jun, 2009


What about Pyracantha Rich Evergreen, White flowers at this time of year and lovely red/Orange or Yellow, from choice, berries throughout the Autumn Winter put them in two big pots one each side, they are self supporting so you will not have to have anything for them to climb up just train them in the direction you want them to go.The only job you will have to do is trim them back once a year to train them but mind not to remove the berries! the only down side is buy a pair of good gloves as they have thorns.They will tolorate partial shade.

16 Jun, 2009


the majority of the perfumed climbers, like honeysuckle, like lots of sun, which is probably what did for your clematis.
Pyracantha's not a bad choice, as Telme8 says above, though even that does better in sun. Think I'd stick to the bay tree either side idea, but whatever you do, you'll have to keep the pots watered.

16 Jun, 2009

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