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What could be the cause of a curled leaf with a fungus on my laurel hedge


By Edgar

Wrexham, United Kingdom Gb

My laurel hedge is huge as we live on a corner plot. It has been troublesome for the past two years and now once again we have many leaves which are curled with a fungus/mould. We have it cut professionally every year at great cost. I am beginning to hate it as I spend most of my gardening time picking up fallen brown laurel leaves. Any suggestions.



Sounds as if its got some kind of leaf rolling insect - these are caused by an insect rolling and binding the leaves with a sort of web, usually with a caterpillar or larvae inside. Does that fit the picture? And when you say laurel, do you mean the spotted laurel, or the dark leaved larger one (the first is Aucuba, the second is Prunus laurocerasus).

15 Jun, 2009


Our laurels have mildew which has curled up the leaves. I have started cutting the sides as it takes months to do all the hedges. I spray with fungicide.

15 Jun, 2009


which fungicide do you use Drbob?

16 Jun, 2009


Hi Seaburngirl,
I am turning to Bordeaux mixture which should be safe for children and animals.

16 Jun, 2009


ah the oldies are the best. do you mix your own or do you buy it?

16 Jun, 2009


Mix your own, as and when you need it, doing so the chemical mixture is correct. As you note there is often sell by dates on many products. As you say the oldies are the best, I have used many in my time most of which are now banned.

16 Jun, 2009


Thanks everyone for your replies. Have only just found out how to reply.Bamboo, have'nt a clue which laurel hedge I have but it's a very bright green glossy leaf.Thanks again

16 Jun, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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