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Need climbers for sunny windy fence


By Flikka

United Kingdom Gb

Need suggestions for climbers for a fence that is sunny and windy but not roses, and something that re appears each year and needs as little extras as possible. Also something that will have a bit of an impact this year. The area gets frost in the winter and do not want to move in the winter thanks for anybodies help in advance The fence is only 5 ft high and it faces south, we are quite exposed as live on the edge of the fens



You don't say how high the fence is, which is quite important. Most climbers, even the smallest clematis, will get 10 feet or so, plus which direction does the fence face? East or northerly winds in the winter need to be considered - I'd recommend Trachleospermum jasminoides, but not if its very exposed to the north or east winds.

15 Jun, 2009


what about a shrub that can be tied in such as pyracantha? lovely blossom, re/orange/yellow berries depending on variety and semi evergreen. all we do with ours is tie it in cut the odd stragly bit off and let it grow to its hearts content.

welcome to GoY too.

16 Jun, 2009


I grow a variegated euonymus in a similar spot. I just planted it at the base of a fence and it has grown up it no trouble. My garden is windy too, so occasionally I have to go out and trim off a bit that has fallen away, but really it is trouble free. Has the added advantage of being evergreen too.

16 Jun, 2009

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