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Why has both my bamboo plants developed very shiny sticky leaves?

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I have 2 very well established bamboo plants one is housed in the corner between 2 walls which has the smaller leaf and the other is acting as a screen between 2 gardens which is also behind a small wall. The leaves on both plants are very shiny and have a sticky substance almost like they've been painted on. What is it and why has this happened? Are they still healthy?

Thanks for your reply but there are no trees near either bamboo. I thought that maybe something came with the recent downpour we had, ...



If the plants are still growing and show no signs of infestation or wilting, drooping, browning, rotting, poor growth, then they're probably fine. The only thing this reminds me of is when plants are underneath trees which drip sticky onto them - lime trees do this starting around this time of year, and some others do too. Could that possibly be the explanation in your garden?

15 Jun, 2009

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