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I have a corner of my garden that is quite look over and I would like to plant a tree or a shrub to provide a bit of privacy and also maybe discourage intruders from climbing in. This plant would need to be able to withstand a north west light and some wind. Also it would live in a bed of 1 metre deep (but it stretches the length of the garden) in soil that is rocky and prone to clay. Please any suggestions?

I forgot to mention that the full height of the tree or shrub would have to be around 4-5 metres and the bed is elevated as a retaining wall. Thanks to everyone who have given suggestions so far!



One of the large berberis should do the trick. There is a lovely red leaved deciduous one, or the small leaved evergreen on with small yellow flowers, and I'm sure somebody will be able to tell you what varieties they are. They both have prickles.

2 Sep, 2012


Yes berberis or escallonia might do the job too. They can grow quite big but are easy to trim and shape and are evergreen.

3 Sep, 2012


Red Berberis and Escallonia are exactly what I was going to suggest. Berberis have a lovely intense red colour and will stop anyone with its sharp needles. Mahonia is also a plant to consider. It will do well in that aspect, and, as I write my hand is covered in deep cuts from moving one, it is a solid and sharp barrier to any intruders.

3 Sep, 2012


Yes mahonia is lovely and it has nice scented flowers in winter, but it grows rather more slowly than the other two so it depends if you are in a hurry! Why not have both?

3 Sep, 2012

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