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would someone be able to confirm that this is fennel please?




Could be, does it smell strongly of Aniseed?

2 Sep, 2012


Looks very much like it Catty, as Owdboggy advises it should smell strongly of aniseed. I've grown bronze fennel this year.

2 Sep, 2012


it does smell strong but not quite aniseed, could this be because the buds are still closed?

this one was found in a country park, very exciting!

3 Sep, 2012


It is the crushed stems which smell of aniseed, nothing to do with the flowers, open or closed or even non-existent. And the smell is unmistakably aniseed, nothing vague about it at all.

3 Sep, 2012


It looks like seeds to me rather than emerging flowers. Mine are at this stage and do smell strongly of aniseed.

3 Sep, 2012


i crushed the stem and it is definitely aniseed! i love the smell!

it will be good if they are seeding, i will have to have a go at growing them!

thank you

3 Sep, 2012

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