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penstemon cuttings


By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Can you take cuttings and put them in water to grow roots, the same as you can fushia's, had anybody done this. I do not seem to have much success in taking penstemon cuttings the normal way.



I haven't done it this way myself but have heard of it being done successfully.

15 Jun, 2009


I have some in water just now & some have developed roots

15 Jun, 2009


Yes - I always root my Penstemons in water, as I don't get as much success in compost. As soon as you can see a decent rootball, pot them up. Don't do it until there are plenty of roots, though.

15 Jun, 2009


i find the opposite. straight into compost most take. start in water most rot. isnt that funny. so do what you prefer or try both methods and see which you have more luck with.

15 Jun, 2009


My wife regularly does penstemon cuttings in water. Takes a few weeks for decent root systems to emerge but , yes, it works well.

16 Jun, 2009


Sbg - I get 0% in compost, and near enough 100% in water! LOL.

16 Jun, 2009

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