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By Chilli

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

HI, i am new to the site and hve loads of questions to ask. Todays question is: Can i take cuttings off a holly bush, and how successful are they?



You can take holly cuttings from this season's growth (new growth) in the autumn and leave them over winter to root. Take cuttings about six inches or more long, remove all but the top two sets of leaves, and bury in the soil up to the leaves, preferably adding sand or grit to make the soil well draining.
The cuttings should start to root next spring but leave them in place until the following spring when they start into growth when you can transplant into the permanent positions.
I'd say pessimistically that you should get 50% of such cuttings to take, any more being a bonus.

1 Sep, 2012


Thanks for that

2 Sep, 2012

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