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I have 2 young cherry trees (planted as youngsters 4 years ago). They have been growing well and fruiting increasingly. This year no fruit on either but this seems to be the case everywhere locally (mid-France) with cherries/plums, even poor apple yields so I wasn't unduly fussed. The leaves always "turn" earlier than my other trees, however this summer one of them has gone brown and discoloured with spots already, much leaf fall and some leaves curled up. I can't see any insects at present on them. Do cherry trees get 'peach leaf curl'? (!) If not, does anyone know what this is (see photos) & how I can treat/prevent?

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Are the branches ok, can you do a scrape test to see if they are green under the bark

Are the spots on the underside, We've got rust on the poplar trees, mildew and scale on the oaks and one malus red ace is almost leafless, the old plum looks worse for wear but the willows are wonderful!

Its been an awful year especially the damp muggy weather for encouraging fungus and bugs

31 Aug, 2012


You could try pming Dr Bob.... or Bamboo

31 Aug, 2012


my downstairs neighbours cherry tree went the same last year and it was near enough leafless well before winter but survived and had a lovely crop on it this year, unfortunately the birds got there before me!

5 Sep, 2012

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