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By Mpolo

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

why has my tomatoes gone mushy inside and what can i do about them.
where can i buy favorita tomatoe seeds



Depends what you mean by 'mushy' some varieties are fleshier than others. Some can be quite solid with only a few seeds, others can contain more 'gel' and seeds and seem 'mushier'.

Add to that watering , feeding and lack of sunshine can also have an affect on the finished product!

What variety do you find particularly 'mushy'

DT Browns list the variety 'Favourita' in their catalogue!

29 Aug, 2012


Are they uneatable then?

29 Aug, 2012


yes they are eatable but not nice so may make soup thank you all for your replies

29 Aug, 2012


thanks Teegee now going to order catalogue for the tomatoes.

29 Aug, 2012

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