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By Zora

Ontario, Canada Ca

i want to keep gardening but as summer's coming to an end my plants are nolonger producing. what can i plant now that its almost septembre? and since my garding is outside would i need a green house?



Depends if you mean Flowers or veg.

This link should help;

28 Aug, 2012


sorry i ment vegatables and thank you
would i need a green house? or would they still grow if it snows a little or the grown freezes?

28 Aug, 2012


Your a bit late for Veg sowing, but you can plant out Japanese Onion sets and Garlic next month to be harvested next year!

Still time for some lettuce and radish though!

28 Aug, 2012


thanks i'll try them all but how do you do the garlic and japanese onion? do you just plant them next month and then let them grow till next year?
thank you so so much your a great help thanks again

28 Aug, 2012


Japanese Onions like this;

Garlic like this;

28 Aug, 2012


thank you :)

28 Aug, 2012

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