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Not a question really.
I dont have grow cabbages inmy little garden so i have noticed that the Cabbage white butterfly has been laying its eggs on my Nastersions. The eggs have duly hatched and the caterpillas have started to munch the leaves.
Has anyone else seen this?



Just because their common name is Cabbage White does not mean the caterpillars will not eat other foliage.

27 Aug, 2012


Oh yes, they love the nasturtiams..

27 Aug, 2012


Nasturtiums are used to attract slugs and caterpillars. Therefore keeping them off any other nearby plant that you want to keep pests off from!

27 Aug, 2012


Butterflies certainly but I hadn't noticed them attracting slugs. I wish!

28 Aug, 2012


The slugs love my nasturtiums which I grow for the flowers, as I love them,but they still eat my other plants too! Haven't had the Cabbage Whites this year tho'.

29 Aug, 2012


Well - isn't that just like a slug? It eats your nasturtiums, Tuesdaybear, because you love them! And still eats everything else!

1 Sep, 2012


Totally off topic, or not, Bulba had gather spinach beet for dinner and left on the table under the kitchen window - the sparrows started to eat!

1 Sep, 2012


They must have been delighted by his thoughtfulness, Moon Grower!

2 Sep, 2012


They certainly were... scoffed large quantities of the greens to our amazement!

4 Sep, 2012


Oh cheeky little devils, they are so brave when food is about, I think that is really funny Mg..

4 Sep, 2012


I'm happy to share...

5 Sep, 2012

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