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Do not have room in the house for my plant. Bought a mini greenhouse. My questions is what time of year is it safe to put then in and take then out? It is located on my desk which get a lot of sun. Will it get to hot in side for then? Is their a place I can read on growing plants mini greenhouses. I live in Nashville TN



Which particular plant, or plants, are you asking about?

26 Aug, 2012


That has a definite effect on the timing. The general rule of thumb, though, is to put it out when the temperatures inside and outside--or, in this case, in the greenhouse--are as close as possible. Depending on the plant, you may need to arrange some kind of electric heating for the greenhouse over the winter, assuming it isn't part of your house.

27 Aug, 2012


A mini greenhouse will certainly get very hot in strong sun without adequate ventilation, but depending on what your plant is you could perhaps put it outside in the summer.

27 Aug, 2012

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