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By Gera182

Are snapdragons annuals?



They're grown as annuals but some will survive a moderate winter and come up every year.

22 Aug, 2012


Sometimes they survive but I find they go woody and leggy the following season.

22 Aug, 2012


I find the same as Hywel.

22 Aug, 2012


I find that they also self seed, and pop up in many places the next year. They do seem to go for 2 summers.

22 Aug, 2012


We are talking here of the ones sold for bedding, there are perennial Antirrhinum, like A. molle and A. pulverentulum and various others too.

22 Aug, 2012


I didnt think the perennials were known as snap dragon I thought that was applied to the annuals?

22 Aug, 2012


I have one of two supposedly annual ones that have come up for several years, and also self seeded.

22 Aug, 2012


Yes I have some pollen free antirrhuinums (free sample of seed!) some of which have self set and some have survived from last year. They do get woody but I get around this by plunging them even deeper into the soil and they bush up a treat. Posted some pics on my blogs :-)

23 Aug, 2012

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