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We planted black carrot shaped tubors, some 4 or 5 inches long having bought them in Amsterdam and were told they would produce strawberries! The plants are now 2 foot high with spear shaped leaves and small crocus shaped lilac flowers. Have you any idea what this is? (Hope its legal)

Thank you to all who responded to our request for assistance, and a special thanks to Seaburn girl who identified the plant as Mirabilis. No strawberries then....



Picture would be nice!

21 Aug, 2012


The height and also colour of the flowers could you have planted odd potatoes?

21 Aug, 2012


I am getting the feeling you have purchased scorzonera, not strawberries.

Sounds like something has been lost in translation!

Do a google on Scorzonera and see what you think,then get back to us.

I have never heard of any strawberry plants that has tubers like you described, they normally have a normal fibrous root system!

21 Aug, 2012


That sounds a better idea than mine Tg, I could not think of a long black tuber, but I thought Scorzonera had yellow flowers?

21 Aug, 2012


what about Mirabils, they have tubers and come in lilac too. i think they are also called the 4'o clock plant.

22 Aug, 2012

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