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Dear Sirs, 

I am desperate for your help. I purchased 2 Escallonia Peach Blossoms for my front porch 2 months ago. We live on the seafront and were told that these would be the perfect plant for our weather conditions. We purchased large pots and special compost.  One of the plants is doing very well. It is lovely and shiny, green, bushy and has even flowered. The other looks like it has been burnt, the wood is like dead twigs and is dying. Is there  anything you can suggest I can do to save it?? I look forward to your prompt response. 

Kind regards, 

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I seem to remember you posting this question before, as I remember the answers!

21 Aug, 2012


Yep, answered before; if the nearly dead one hasn't any healthy growth, scrape back a bit of bark to see if its dead or not. Sounds like its on its way out, and I suggest you return it from whence you got it and try to get it replaced, arguing that the other one they supplied is fine, so not your fault. If not, bin it and buy another one - but change the compost and clean its pot first, just in case there's some residual problem left behind.
Can't say why this has happened - maybe that one gets a bit more sun and dried out too much, maybe its got an infection, maybe there's something in the compost in that particular pot, maybe the plant was sketchy when you bought it and it just didn't show... From your description of its trouble, sounds like its dying from drought, but that's just a stab in the dark.

21 Aug, 2012

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