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Hi. I have recently planted a new hawthorn blackthorn conservation mix hedge. The hedge has plastic spiral guards. The problem being, most of the plants have small black dots on the leaves with many plants also having a white furry growth. ( fungal? ).

Is this normal given the very wet summer months we are experiencing or do I need to treat? If so can anyone point me in the right direction? Enthusiastic amateur I'm afraid.

Many thanks




I planted a similar hedge 2 years ago. Did not use any tree protectors as such thorny trees are avoided by Deer and etc. The black spots can be a fungus, but we are 4 weeks or so away from leaf fall so need not worry though I would take off any white furry leaves. I started to prune my hedge last winter and it has come ok this year (clay soil and it has been pretty wet most of the year)

20 Aug, 2012


Thanks. Sorry to ask more on this but.....

The hedge was planted late march this year and has shown some good growth so far. I have read several differing ideas on when to prune and to what extent.

I have even heard that I should cut back hard to approx six inches from the ground!

Ps do people think I should take off the spiral guards. We don't seem to have a problem with rabbits although gets a bit windy and sheep in my field like to nibble it!

Any ideas welcome.

20 Aug, 2012


I would not cut it to 6" as that is for older trees. I am about to prune it in the next few weeks, just a general tidy. Summer pruning tells the plant to stop growing in that direction. 6" prune is to revive an old Hedgerow that is bear at the bottom. You want to keep a box shape (will have to imagine as mine are just bigger then wips, assuming you have small trees as well). Some of the branches are growing out too much so they will be coming off, You want to concentrate growth in the middle - so off with top growth as that makes the tree branch out in the middle giving middle growth. I would remove the guards say next April as the growth will have been protected by then and the worst of winter over and the trees strong enough.

21 Aug, 2012


Thank you very much.

21 Aug, 2012

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