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I have tried to grow pumpkin squash for a couple of years now and although I have had some sucess I have only got one or two suashes from each plant. The flowers develop and then the fruit but they either seem to fall off before getting tomatoe size or shrivel up. What tips do you have to increace my crop.



You have me a bit confused with the term "pumpkin squash"

If you mean Pumpkins and Squash which are of the same family, namely cucurbitacea, they are two different species and as such I grow them in different ways.

So rather than guess here is my slant on growing both;

Once you have read these and determined what you are growing then reply to this posting and we will see if we can help you further.

p.s. Either way I think your problem is with 'pollination' or lack thereof, but read these articles and we will take it from there!

19 Aug, 2012


With all the cucurbitas, it is the pollination that is the trick. Not enough pollen and the fruit don't develop. I have been having the same problem this year. Not only was I getting single sex flowers at any one time, but then not enough male to pollinate a female. I usually give a helping hand.
But out of desperation I have pollinated a pumpkin with a squash. and it looks quite strange, infact I have called it a skwumpkin................. :-)

22 Aug, 2012

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