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I want to fill 2 fairly large pots with evergreens in different shades of green; not bothered about flowers although they would be a nice bonus. I am looking for something really different! (but hardy)
I already have Euonymus sky rockets but would like something softer, maybe pendulous or arching, big interesting leaves? Or good green colours. I like Arum leaves; would they would survive? where to buy?. I also really like the lime green Heuchera and Heucharella- would they stay lime green? would they survive winter?Dont want ferns or ivy and fatshedera too much top growth I believe?. There is a dwarf fatsia but would it prune well? I am told pachysandra no good as would kill off other plants! Help!! Any advice gratefully received.



I know you said no ferns, but have you considered a harts tongue fern? That doesn't get tall, the new leaves are very decorative as they unroll, and it arches gracefully. It does prefer moist shade so it depends where your pots are. But it does disappear in winter - makes room for a few small daffodils in the same place? The lighter heucheras are best out of strong sun too. Arum maculata also prefers a bit of shade but it does OK in a pot. However it isn't evergreen. For a decorative evergreen leaf about the same size try one of the variegated pulmonarias, there are some beauties.

16 Aug, 2012


Thankyou for your very kind reply!
I do so want to try an all shades of green, all year round effect.
So though I like harts tongue, it wont do, as I do want hardy evergreens; although am willing to experiment and do try-outs. (Hence the Heucharella idea - I am told they should be OK thru winter?) The pots will be against house wall next to the front door, so fairly sheltered and will only be in shade till lunch times, after that, sun till evening.
I will certainly look up the pulmonaria - thank you so much. Any other /more advice gratefully recieved!

16 Aug, 2012


Euonymus emerald'n gold, emerald gaiety....a little holly like Ilex ferox...the hedgehog holly,. Pieris if you can provide an acid soil, I have a prostrate rosemary that smells lovely
Even pretty herbs, mint alone can have dark chocolate leaves or variegated or pineapple scented then the sages and thymes.......

17 Aug, 2012


Euonymus are great - if you go with the pulmonaria the emerald gaiety would be better than the gold (which is my favourite) Another thought - a young skimmia would be fine in a pot for a number of years. Black Knight has decorative red flower buds all winter and will fertilise any female ones nearby, but there are a few self fertile females if you want berries. They prefer soil on the acid side so in neutral soil you might need to add iron once or twice during the season. Lysimachia (creeping jenny) would hang down over the edges of the pots.

17 Aug, 2012


Theres so much choice when you start thinking you,ll fill more than two.....
If they are to be outside all winter the main problem is the frost going through the sides of the pot and damaging the roots, you could plant in an inner pot and insulate the space between

17 Aug, 2012


Thankyou very much Pamg and Steragram!
Both of you have given me much food for thought - some good ideas and tips.
(I do have some of those mentioned in my back garden; Mint, Euonymus, Creeping Jenny, so I will rethink those).
And I will try to ensure pot sides are insulated as well as bottom. (and they will be on short stands)
But I am now worrying about full afternoon sun as well!
Still, the experimenting is part of the fun eh?
Must admit I rather fell in love with the showy leaves of Arum etc; still, can't have everything, so will try for a few varied shades and textures, hopefully get some large leaves in there.
I am now on the lookout for a Pulmonaria that might be Ok in full afternoon sun.
Its lovely to get kind advice when you are dithering!! Any other ideas all gratefully received -Cheers!

19 Aug, 2012


I wish I know the name of the one I was thinking about - it has huge leaves and is very variegated - a really handsome plant and I would risk it. I got it unlabelled from a plant stall at a fete. The main problem with pulmonarias seems to come if they get too dry and then they can get mildewed. Maybe you could plant one on the east side of the tub where it might be shaded by something taller?

20 Aug, 2012


Many thanks again!

I have now got 2 of each of the following:
Euonymus 'green rocket', Heuchara 'Lime Marmalade',
Sarcococca, (have I spelt that right?);
Ajunia (pretty rosette shape -anyone know anything about them please?) and lemon thyme.
I am hoping to plant up at the weekend sometime.
There will still be room for 1 or 2 more, but thought I would make a start and will look out for the Pulmonaria too.

And by the way - I have Hibiscus shrub right next to my smoke bush. Poor smoke bush not doing well, as the hibiscus grown much bigger than I expected and taking over.
Which would be OK to move this autumn?
They are both on the shady side of the garden and also under shade of mock orange. I thought at first the hibiscus, as it should be on the sunny side -but seems to be doing OK there. What do you think?
Cheers and thanks -

23 Aug, 2012

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