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Can anyone recommend herbaceus plants for a windy border with a 5' wall at the back, I have penstemons along it all staked, but many other plants finish up on their sides.



If you fix horizontal wires permanently to your wall you can grow virtually any climbing herbaceous plant providing you tie them in as the grow e.g.

Abelia Bougainvillea Ceanothus Clerodendrum Garrya Hedera Hydrangea Jasminum Lonicera Passiflora Rose Sweet Peas Wisteria to name but a few

15 Aug, 2012


Thanks, I should have added that it is about 8' deep as well.

15 Aug, 2012


Then form a low hedge as a windbreak (Box, Lavender comes to mind) on the upwind edge of the bed, this will shelter any plants you plant without shading them too much!

15 Aug, 2012


Thanks, nice idea.

15 Aug, 2012

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