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ii have had a really good crop of strawberries this year only a few last year,this is the second year in this large container,what is the next step,do i leave them for another year or re pot them into a fresh container.I have heard that strawbs are only good for three years ,does this mean in the same pot.I have taken six off shoots and they have rooted any advice welcome.....Also i had large globe type cactus (not sure of the type,) it had small yellow flowers for two years ,i inherited it from my brother in law in1999,it had ten off shoots ,the main one was aboutfour inches across and the off shoots abour 3ins,unfortunately last week the main one collapsed inward as if it had rotted i rescued the off shoots and let them stand for a week,then pushed them firmly into cactus compost,do you think they will root or should i have done it differently , i would hate to lose them as they are really healthy plants



Keep them dry in gritty compost. They should root quite easily.

12 Aug, 2012


3 years for a Strawberry plant till it is exhausted is often used but if an individual plant continues to produce fruit and is healthy; then there is no need to replace it for the sake of keeping to 3 years! Commercial growers cut off all the leaves and keep plants for 6 years.

12 Aug, 2012


M advice was for the cactus, not the strawberries!

14 Aug, 2012

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