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are they edible i have eaten some of those rasberry looking things that grow on garden borders and some are in landscaped areas they taste nice like a rasberry but how many can i eat without danger so far no harm done

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I think you should be VERY careful, eating any fruit when you don't know what it is! I hope you've only eaten wild raspberries, but maybe you should find out what these berries are. If you can post a photo of the bush and fruit, we could try to ID it for you.

12 Aug, 2012


Think these are wild rasberries, we have just picked and eaten some while up in Scotland!

12 Aug, 2012


Hi Snoop, think they are only called 'wild' because they are not being looked after in someones garden being pruned,& feed at all!!!! That is all. I think it could be a gift from the birds and they have just spread which is what they would do in the 'wild'.

12 Aug, 2012


Mind those are probably not Raspberries.The leaves are wrong and the stems are far too prickly for Raspberries. I would put them in the Blackberry, side of the family. Still edible though. Possibly Rubus arcticus, but not certain.

12 Aug, 2012


I was pretty sure they aren't raspberries too but some sort of rubus. I think all the rubus have edible berries, and as you are still alive yours seems to be no exception! Try googling - there are lots of them.

12 Aug, 2012


Well they are similar and called the Artic raspberry, they taste the same too, nice and sweet.

12 Aug, 2012


Thanks for the photos - I'm pleased they turned out to be edible! :-))

13 Aug, 2012

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