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I have been given an indoor plant the name of which I have forgotten. The leaves are glossy and ovate in shape. The 'flower' is a coloured leaf with a single pistil, the same colour as the leaf, mine is pink. It looks like a peace plant but it isn't. I can't find it in any of the books I have and yet I have had one in the past which lasted for years. Any ideas please. It is currently 355mm tall. thankyou I am sadly unable to send a photo.



could it be a Hibiscus.

11 Aug, 2012


Anthurium ?

11 Aug, 2012


Anthurium, as Andy says, or Zantedeschia.

11 Aug, 2012


If the "pistil" is the same color as the spathe, it is probably a hybrid of Anthurium scherzerianum, which is good news--they are easier than A. andreanum hybrids to grow. Yours will probably want bright indirect light, watering whenever the top cm of compost is dry, a low phosphate houseplant food, a bit of humidity, and no temps below 10ยบ C.

14 Aug, 2012

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