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Hi I have planted 30 pips from cherries in to plug trays and then in to a greenhouse about 4 week ago and still there is no appearance of the trees appearing , why ?



There are a number of different ways to get tree seeds to germinate, some for example need a period of cold but cherry stones are very hard and I,m not sure of their requirements, some trees are much easier than others.......

8 Aug, 2012


We have several enormous cherry trees which each year shed thousands of fruits (making a dreadful mess) but I have only ever seen a couple of seedlings under the trees. I am not sure whether these are one of the fruits that need to travel through the gut of a bird before they will germinate. (no honestly!) That could be a hard one to replicate!

8 Aug, 2012


I think that's more than likely, Gattina, bearing in mind that most cherries are eaten by birds! Cherry "stones" are
just like - stones! I don't know how you would persuade them to germinate. I suspect you would have to put the planted seeds somewhere really cold for a few months, like pine. Even then, I doubt they would come true. Commercial cherries are probably grafted onto a root stock.

8 Aug, 2012


Needs cold stratification for 2-3 months - either pot up and leave outside all winter, or in the bottom of your fridge for 2-3 months. Resulting trees will be very variable, as someone else said, particular varieties are usually grafted onto a vigorous rootstock, so not only will the fruit be variable, but you may have weak plants. May also be 60 feet high trees eventually - most cherries are grafted onto something that makes them around 30 feet, or dwarfing rootstock, instead.

8 Aug, 2012


Thankyou very much for your help I have done three tests , some soaked in water, some in a fridge and the I have left in plug trays .. Hopefully I might have some luck ! Thanks every one

8 Aug, 2012


When I was little we had four cherry trees, all grown from seed some years before and all delicious - so be encouraged!

8 Aug, 2012


I've a couple of seedlings sprouted from a Stella Cherries on a rootstock.

I potted them up in some gritty compost and left them out overwinter last year in a shady sheltered spot, so seems stratification works.

Still young plants, but seem to be healthy. A long way to go before I see any fruit though.

I've got a couple of acorns on the go in the same spot, guess I'll need to be very patient with these...

9 Aug, 2012


We,ve a lovely young oak.....I say young its about 20 years old......we had to remove the parent which was only a few feet from the house it must be 15 - 20feet tall now.

As to cherries our prunus kanzan sent out suckers from the root stock so we kept a couple,. They're something like prunus avium I think and the birds are delighted!

9 Aug, 2012

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