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I have 2 plum trees ( victorias) which seem to bear fruit only every second year. The "in between" year I get only half a dozen or so plums on each. Is this normal? Also all the leaves seem to be full of holes. Any idea what could be causing this?



I'm sure I've heard this before about some fruit trees and it might have been plums.

8 Aug, 2012


My experience is you get a good crop of Victoria plums every other year... there is no fruit on our plum this year.

8 Aug, 2012


No plums on our tree this year either. It is a very young tree, only two years old and last year in its first year it produced at least 60 plums. I think it needed a rest after that!

8 Aug, 2012


Think you're probably right, all of you, it seems to be the way of things- every second year. Anybody any idea what could be causing the "holy" leaves?
Wish I'd had the brains to plant them a year apart!

9 Aug, 2012

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